The Best Odyssey - An Ocean Odyssey
The Cabrinha Quest. 5 years of radical exploration, with a focus on where an ocean expedition belongs- in the Pacific. The demands on our gear make it imperative that we use only the highest quality. Remote and challenging locations demand the most sophisticated and proven gear. Exactly the kind of products you see here. Many thanks to each of our sponsors for their generous support.

Niviuk Paragliders
The importance of small details. That's what makes Niviuk the best brand in paragliders on the market today. Attention to the smallest detail. Our newest sponsor of the expedition makes radical freestyle, cross country, and acro wings.

Kaenon Polarized
  Kaenon Polarized is dedicated to enhancing the performance of those who demand the highest quality eyewear. It is in the spirit of competition - and that quiet zone of perfection - where Kaenon cultivates their innovative ideas that are changing the eyewear industry.

Go Pro Camera   These compact, waterproof video and image cameras allows us to capture unimaginable images from inside the waves- all in HD! Be a HERO, now in HD 2- GoPro.

Nobeltec Navigation Software
  "We used Nobeltec's navigation software and electronic charts daily in 45,000 miles and 7 years of navigation on the first expedition. This time around the software and charts are even better. I wouldn't sail anywhere without Nobeltec on board!" -- Captain Gavin McClurg

  "Buoyweather is my bible. I use it every single day to get the best, most reliable weather data available. Whether it's for passage planning, storm avoidance, or just figuring out when the next bomb swell is going to pump, Buoyweather is my one and only source." Captain Gavin McClurg

Beyond Coastal Sunblock   Beyond Coastal defends your skin from UVA and UVB rays, but also nourishes your body with all natural vitamins and nutrients. All natural, oil-free Sunscreen and Lip Balm for bomber sweat and waterproof protection.

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