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Kiteboarder Vol 11, No 1
The Last Supper
By Gavin McClurg
Gavin McClurg and Jody MacDonald embark on an impossible dream. And pull it off. This is their story of how it happened.
Kitesurf Mar/Apr 2014
The Quest Continues
By Jody MacDonald
Pete Cabrinha, Moona Whyte and Keahi De Aboitz hop on board the Cabrinha Quest for the continued fanciful and wondrous wanderings of the wildest kitesurfing expedition that our little Earth has seen.
USHPA Jan 2014
Confessions of an XC Addict
By Gavin McClurg
Pilot and new North American Foot launch record holder Gavin McClurg comes clean on a spiraling addiction to free flight and how the chase for the clouds has come to define his life.
Kiteworld (UK) 29 (Dec/Jan 2014)
Adrift in the San Blas
By Natasa Silec
Superstar global kitetrotters Miguel Willis and Natasa Silec hop on board the Cabrinha Quest in Panama, where things go very right...and very wrong.
Kiteworld (UK) Dec/Jan 14
Two Degrees to Windward
By John Bilderback
Photographer John Bilderback and Cabrinha ripper Reo Stevens hop on board the Cabrinha Quest and make some rather radical discoveries.
Kitelife (Germany) 29
Spuren in Sand
By Jody MacDonald
Profile of photographer Jody MacDonald featuring her works from around the world.
Kitelife (Germany) June, 2012
Fenster Zu Einer Anderen Welt
By Gavin McClurg
Ein Schiff, ein Mann, eineMission: Gavin McClurg istKapitän der Discovery, einem17-Meter-Katamaran. Seinletzter Kitetörn zu den ÄußerenHebriden wäre beinahe auch derletzte seines Lebens geworden.Nach fünf Jahren im Zeichender Best Odyssey sollte der hoheNorden Europas der krönendeAbschluss einer fast zweifachenWeltumrundung sein.
Cross Country 139, Jan 2012
By Jody MacDonald
Stunning gallery of paragliding images from Jody MacDonald in Tonga, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Scotland
Kiteworld (UK) #56 April/May 2012
5 years at Sea
By Gavin McClurg
5 years at sea. 54,000 miles. 50 Countries. One Mission. A Voyage for Madmen- the final feature of The Best Odyssey Expedition
Outside Feb 2012
By Jody MacDonald
Insane double spread paragliding shot in the Azores in Exposure
Kiteworld #55, Jan 2012
Final Sessions and a Few Lessons
By Gavin McClurg
Thoughts on the past and future, and staying present in Cape Verde
30 degrees Jan 2012
A Modern Day Odyssey
By Serge Greter
Epic discoveries on an Epic Expedition
Kiteworld (UK) #54 Nov/Dec 2011
Slow Living in an Ancient World
By Gavin McClurg
Thoughts on technology and time and making very poor decisions for the right reasons.
Kiteworld #52 Sept 2011
Land of the Lost
By Gavin McClurg
Ben Wilson, Josh Mulcoy, Mauricio Abreu in the middle of...someplace you've never heard of
Kiteboarding (USA) Nov 2011
It wasn't as close to Death...
By Gavin McClurg
The author find a struggle to live after a poor decision is exactly what he'd been unconsciously seeking. Thoughts on the fine line we sometimes walk.
Kiteworld #51 May/June 2011
Parasites and Peeling Waves
By Gavin McClurg
We host Sky Solbach and Kristin Boese for a wave romp in Madagascar
Cross Country Feb/March 2011
Marooned in Mozambique
By Gavin McClurg
We find a paragliding site that has never been flown, and run into some trouble along the way
GAPZ (Germany) Dec. 2010
By Patrick Morda
Absurdly gorgeous paragliding as you've never seen before in the Kingdom of Tonga
KiteboardingDE (Germany) Apr. 2011
Die Dunkel Seite Der Pracht
By Gavin McClurg
Epic adventure, epic struggle on a world expedition

In German
Forbes Jan. 2010
Share Float
By Helen Coster
An in-depth behind-the-scenes account of how The Best Odyssey came to fruition
Hangliding and Paragliding April/May 2011
By Gavin McClurg
Flying a pristine insane virgin site in Mozambique
Kiteworld #50 April/May 2011
Price of Discovery
By Gavin McClurg
Things don't always go according to plan on a world wide expedition
Kiteworld #49 Feb/Mar 2011
Two Different Worlds
By Gavin McClurg
Jaunts of kiting and paragliding through French Polynesia
Stance (France) Jan. 2011
The Price of Discovery
By Gavin McClurg
Things don't always go according to plan, and sometimes- far from it
Kiteworld #48, Dec 2010
Legends at the Abyss
By Gavin McClurg
An amazing group of the finest riders in the world step literally off the map, and into wonderland
Action Asia Dec. 2010
Chasing the Shouting Wind
A visual feast of paragliding in a mystical land in the Himalaya
Outside (USA) Oct. 2010
Paragliding the Himalayas
We take a break from the boat and head to India to fly in the Himalayas with the Sky Safari Team and give author Thayer Walker a heck of a ride. Oh, and Gavin almost dies...again.
Kiteboarding (USA) Nov 2010
The Price of Discovery
By Gavin McClurg
Wandering around the world on a luxury yacht in search of wind and waves isn't always...a breeze
KiteboardingDE (Germany) spring, 2010
Riding Giants
By Gavin McClurg
The biggest swell to hit Indo in 10 years cracks the shores of Sumbawa with Ben Wilson on board
Action Asia July/Aug 2010
Legends at the Abyss
By Gavin McClurg
Pete Cabrinha, Mauricio Abreu, Moehau Goold, Kristin Boese explore where none have before on The Best Odyssey in the Marshall Islands
Outside Go Fall, 2008
Chasing the Bull
Documents the first ever kiteboarding expedition with 9 of the best in the sport in Bocas Del Toro, Panama
Kiteboarder (Aus) Sept. 2009
Land of the Lost
By Gavin McClurg
Join Ben Wilson, Mauricio Abreu and Josh Mulcoy on a mission to find waves in lonely, isolated Kosrae, Micronesia
Kiteworld #46 June 2010
Riding Giants
By Gavin McClurg
Largest swell hits Indo in 10 years. Dietrich, Wilson, Richman and more
Kiteworld #44 April 2010
Pleasure and Pain
By Gavin McClurg
Paying the price for a huge score in French Polynesia with Moehau Goold, Mauricio Abreu, and Josh Mulcoy
Kiteworld #42, Dec. 2009
Best Odyssey Goes Industrial
By Gavin McClurg
Take a trip through the Panama Canal and join as we nearly get arrested for a crazy stunt...
SBC Kiteboarding (Canada) Spring, 2009
The Good, the Bad, the Gnarly
By John Bilderback
Possibly the greatest wave score in the history of kiteboarding with Mauricio Abreu, Josh Mulcoy, Moehau Goold and Clinton Bolton on board The Best Odyssey. But it all doesn't go down perfectly...
Kiteworld #43 Feb. 2010
A Journey through Time
By Gavin McClurg
Best Odyssey visits an idyllic spot forgotten by time in the San Blas, Panama
Kiteworld #41 Oct. 2009
Gunned down in Los Roques
By Gavin McClurg
This 3rd column takes us to Los Roques where a run in with the Federales makes things a little more interesting than desired!
Kiteworld #40 Aug. 2009
Walking the Line
By Gavin McClurg
The expedition continues with guest stars Shannon Best, Alex Brown, and Clinton Bolton on board in Antigua and Barbuda
Kiteworld #39 June 2009
The Adventure Begins
By Gavin McClurg
The first of a regular column in Kiteworld. In this issue the Best Odyssey gets underway
Kiteworld #40 August, 2009
Reality Check
By John Bilderback
In insightful and unapologetic look into the world of kitesurfing waves in Kosrae, Micronesia on board the Best Odyssey
SBC Kiteboarding (Canada) Spring, 2009
Journey through time
By Gavin McClurg
The expedition descends on the San Blas, Panama with guest rider David Tyburski and SCORES!
Stance (France) Fall, 2009
Legended des abysses
By Gavin McClurg
The windiest and wildest expedition to date with Moehau Goold, Pete Cabrinha, Mauricio Abreu and Kristin Boese in the Marshall Islands
Stance (France) December, 2008
Polunesie. Beucoup de plaisir, en peu de douleur
By Gavin McClurg
A wild wave journey through French Polynesia with Mauricio Abreu, Josh Mulcoy, Moehau Goold and Clinton Bolton on board The Best Odyssey
KiteboardingDE October 2008
When it all goes Right
By Gavin McClurg
A wild wave journey throug French Polynesia with Mauricio Abreu, Josh Mulcoy, Moehau Goold and Clinton Bolton on board The Best Odyssey
KiteboardingDE (Germany) April, 2009
Message in a bottle
Pete Cabrinha, Moehau Goold, Mauricio Abreu and Kristin Boese on board the Best Odyssey in the remote Marshall Islands
Kiteboarding (USA) January, 2008
Pirates in Paradise
By Aaron Sales
The Best Odyssey deals with pirates, beautiful girls and lots of wind in Los Roques, Venezuela
Kiteboarding (USA) June 2008
Rippers Round Table
The best pros from around the world join the Best Odyssey in Panama for the first kite expedition in the region
Cross Country Winter, 2009
Pacific Paradise
By Gavin McClurg
We take to the skies in French Polynesia and blow the locals minds, as well as our own
USHPA Hangliding and Paragliding May, 2009
Down the Rabbit Hole
By Gavin McClurg
Magical paragliding in this insanely photo-rich gallery of the first flying ever in the Kingdom of Tonga
Cruising World February, 2007
The Sea: A Final Frontier
By Gavin McClurg
Wind travels in the Solomon Islands
Wind and Kite March, 2006
South Pacific Kite Surfari
By Gavin McClurg
The crew of Discovery discusses kitesurfing across the South Pacific with the team from F.One in our first kite trip ever (2004, Fiji)
Kitelife summer, 2007
Walking the Line
By Gavin McClurg
The Best Odyssey on their third trip with legend Shannon Best and pro riders Clinton Bolton and Alex Brown. Article in German
National Geographic Adventure
Parting Shot
By Gavin Butler
Action Asia January 2007
The Odyssey Kiteboarding
By Steve White
The Best Odyssey kiteboarding expedition launch.
The Kiteboarder Summer 2007
A Universe to our Own
By Jeff Kraemer
The Best Odyssey begins the expedition with a trip through the West Indies with pro kiter Clinton Bolton and friends.
The Kiteboarder Fall 2007
Chasing the Dream
By Marina Chang
The Best Odyssey begins.

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