Majuro to we'll never tell

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
146 10 Majuro Feb 10 - Feb 20, 2015
On our first voyage around the world our time in the Marshalls made it to the very tippy top of the top of the list for wave kiting. Strong steady winds that come in 8 to 10 day cycles with no slacking even at night; combined with the entire Pacific ocean fetch that allows regular winter swells from the Artic; and the absolute void of other recreational boats make this a prime spot for wave and lagoon kiting. But the Marshalls are a lot more. The best, most intact pristine reefs we found in 13 years of sailing were also found in the Marshalls which made for absolutely stunning underwater forays. The atolls that have not sold out to mega commercial fishing interests (Taiwan, Korea, Japan) have some of the healthiest tuna populations we ever saw. Sadly many of them have. But there are few places left in the world where money can't buy you anything, and a big fish goes a lot farther for trading than a wad of bills, and we think that's pretty special indeed.

For some images and stories from the last time around, check out "Legends at the Abyss"

The downside? Long distances between atolls; very meager provisions on Majuro (the outer islands have only coconuts); some very uncomfortable anchorages; some very tricky launches; considerable risk of violent squalls; and some very sharky reef passes. We recommend the Marshall legs for those members who really are seeking some epic adventure but also everything that goes along with it- the good and bad. This is one of the hardest places we operate and it's just impossible to guarantee conditions. Logistically it doesn't get much more difficult.

This trip begins in Majuro- a dry dirty place that is typical of poor ports the world over. Nothing special and a place to quickly exit. From Majuro we head on a long overnight passage...downwind. And that's about all we can say. When we get there in the morning, well you'll see why we like to keep our mouths shut. And you won't want to leave. This trip in particular demands very strong kiting and wave skills and a strong stomach for the sailing. We recommend this one for only the most adventurous.

Inbound and outbound airport is Majuro (MAJ), which is serviced directly from Honolulu by United Airlines. Getting you back to Majuro from where we are going...yet to be determined.

PLEASE bring some gifts for the children- school supplies, books, etc. Do NOT bring candy and plasticky junk as it will cause fights and trash cannot be recycled.

Here's a little taste of what we found the last time around:


  • Fishing / Spearfishing
  • Incredible reefs
  • Insanely remote
  • Totally wild
  • Wave extravaganza


  • Expert Conditions
  • Lack of Provisions
  • Long open ocean sail
  • Sharky
  • Starting port
  • Tricky boat launches
  • Very rolly anchorages


Air80.7 F
Water79.8 F
Mean Avg Wind13.8 E

Cabin 1 - Craig Pryor - Guests: Guest
Cabin 3 - Chris Moore - Guests: Guest
Cabin 4 - Joe Dunn - Guests: Guest