Mamanucas Islands Adventures, Fiji

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
156 10 Nadi, Fiji Aug 21 - Aug 31, 2015
On this leg we'll head up from the Mamanucas into the similar but slightly more remote isles of the Yasawas. If you've seen the Blue Lagoon, this is the area. The water is VERY blue, and there are MANY lagoons. Some of the Pacific's most renowned resorts dot this area, but there are also plenty of classic Fijian villages where people live very traditional community centered lives that will leave you with profound thoughts on our own western society and where we've gone wrong. We spent a whole season here back in 2004 when Jody and I were running Saoirse. We made a film with Raphael Salles and F.One back in the C Kite days, some of that footage was used for our original promo for the Best Odyssey. Have a look to get an idea for the area:

The Best Odyssey Begins from Offshore Odysseys on Vimeo.

It is an enchanting area that I still remember clearly to this day. They are just a very short sail (20 miles) from Nadi, the international airport so you can jump right into the fun. This is not as remote or exotic maybe as some of our itineraries, but if seeing Fiji has always been high on your list, there is no better way to see it. You'll be enchanted. August is the best month for tradewinds and this area gets a lot of the venturi effect between the main islands of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. If I were to pick a time for consistent winds, this would be about as good as you can get.

Getting there: There are a number of ways to get to Fiji. Fiji Airways, Air New Zealand, or United Airlines. International flights arrive into Nadi, on the west coast.


  • Beautiful barrier islands
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Easy Logistics
  • Great diving
  • Great Lagoon Kiting
  • Great pelagic fishing


  • Other Charter Operations
  • Tourists- but really, not that many


Air74.6 F
Water77.7 F
Mean Avg Wind14 ENE

Cabin 1 - Hassan Wardani - Guests: Anton Oud
Cabin 3 - Thomas Scheuring - Guests: Adriena Scheuring
Cabin 4 - Juraj Priecel - Guests: Guest