Surf's UP in Papua New Guinea!

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
194 10 Kavieng, New Ireland Nov 10 - Nov 19, 2017
"Being the capital of New Ireland, Kavieng is the only town of any size in the province, but we’re hardly talking Shanghai – the tallest construction is the telecommunication tower, and the busiest shops operate very much on Melanesian time. If you proceed from Kokopo, you’ll find it remarkably quiet, with few cars in the streets. The seaside ambience, with its fisheries wharf and bustling market in the shade of huge trees, is a taste of genuine island life.

Kavieng itself won’t fulfil all your fantasies of a tropical paradise, but it’s optimally situated as a springboard to neighboring islands, including Nusa Lik Island and Lavongai (New Hanover), and for explorations down the coast. There’s good snorkelling and kayaking offshore and there’s plenty of great diving in the area – not to mention excellent surf breaks."-- Lonely Planet

We added this trip to get Discovery up into a serious wave zone before we head NW to Palau. There are a TON of breaks in this area to suit every ability. Ready to get shacked??

Read more about the area in Lonely Planet:

Read more about the surf:

PNG is one of earth’s megadiverse regions, and it owes much of its diversity to its topography. The mountainous terrain has spawned diversity in two ways: isolated mountain ranges are often home to unique fauna and flora found nowhere else, while within any one mountain range you will find different species as you go higher. In the lowlands are jungles whose trees are not that different from those of Southeast Asia. Yet the animals are often startlingly different – cassowaries instead of tapirs, and marsupial cuscus instead of monkeys.

Getting there: From Cairns, Australia or other locations you can fly direct to Port Moresby, then Domestically you have two options- Air Niugini or Airlines PNG to Kavieng.


  • Excellent anchorages and gunkholing
  • Good time of year for swell
  • Incredible reefs and fishing
  • Uncrowded Surf for all abilities
  • What an adventure!


  • Close to equator = unreliable wind
  • Wet season- could be a bit rainy


Air25-30 C
Water25-30 C
Mean Avg Wind9 NE

Cabin 1 - Keith Cockrum - Guests: Guest
Cabin 3 - Joe Dunn - Guests: Guest
Cabin 4 - Tyras Bookman - Guests: Guest