10,000 for $10,000 Giveaway!!!

Welcome to our 10,000 for $10,000 Giveaway! It’s dead-easy to win a WHOLE LOT of awesome gear, worth more than $10,000 for just liking us and our sponsors on Facebook.

Check out the giveaway page on Facebook.  It takes a few seconds to LIKE US and our SPONSORS.  You’ll be automatically entered to win a pair of Kaenon or Zeal Optics polarized sunglasses, Hyperflex Best Odyssey kickass rashguards, A Best Kiteboarding Profanity Board or Messenger Bags, a 30″ print of your choice from Jody MacDonald Photography, a brand new GoPro HD camera, Surftech Jamie Mitchell Signature SUP board and carbon fibre SUP paddle, Shark watch, Dakine travel bag, Niviuk Paragliding gear, First Ascent Microtherm expedition jackets, Beyond Coastal natural suncare product, H2O Audio waterproof Mp3 case and headphones, Lowepro camera/lap top travel bag, DODOcase Ipad cases, and MUCH more!!!

It’s that easy.  As soon as we reach 10,000 fans all these great companies and us will get together and start drawing names from our collective fan base.  We’ll make an announcement of the winners on our prospective Facebook fan page sites and start shipping great gear!  Don’t worry- none of us gather any data on anyone.

Here’s an (almost) complete list of the prizes:




Verbier Summits Paragliding

The small print:  If you win the drawing for a Best Odyssey kite by Best Kiteboarding you will be contacted the first week of December directly via Facebook (or email- whatever you want us to use).  I’ll send you a list of all the kites on board our vessel Discovery, and the condition they are in.  We have a wide range of “newish” Best Kiteboarding kites- Taboos, Bularoos, Waroos, Nemesis, and Kahoonas.  You take your pick!  The smaller print:  It will not be a new kite, but it will be in solid condition!  And it will have traveled much of the world on the Best Odyssey Expedition!  Cool!


About The Cabrinha Quest

Introducing The Cabrinha Quest- a seafaring expedition to seek out the world’s most remote and dynamic kitesurfing and surfing locations. A quest to experience native cultures in their natural state. To consciously explore the Oceans of the world with passion, integrity, and sensitivity to the cultures and ecosystems we inhabit.
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12 Responses to 10,000 for $10,000 Giveaway!!!

  1. Silvia says:

    I do everything just for my boyfriend! That’s love

  2. Donna says:

    Sweet Contest!

  3. ivan says:

    that smells the end of the best odissey… no, please, don’t leave us without your dreaming trips!! 🙂
    anyway, that’s an awesome end, leaving all theses histories, photos, and now gifts.

  4. Firmino Campos says:

    Looks like fun !

  5. Dave Gregory says:

    Great contest – thanks guys – you are the BEST!!!

  6. burt eschen says:


  7. Audrey Giguere Nuckle says:

    It s my chance ! <3 kitesurfing 😉

  8. Jonas says:

    When will the results of the drawing be announced?
    Or wasn’t the drawing supposed to be held on Dec. 1st?

  9. What a freaking awesome giveaway you guys, nice way to end the adventure!!

    Fingers, toes, legs and arms all crossed that some swag will be heading to Bristol in the UK when you hit the magic 10K!!

    Keep up the good work and live those lives to the max – we’re only here once and too many people seem to forget that – but not you guys!!

    Best to you all,


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