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The Top Ten Places to Kiteboard on Earth

Every two weeks or so I have to sit down for many hours and craft a story of our most recent adventure. Sometimes they write themselves, other times they are a real grind. Jody (our photographer and my partner) has to spend hours getting all the photos ready. After over a decade of traveling the world by sail seeking out wind and waves we realized we’ve got a lot of information stored away that might be of interest to fellow adventure-seekers. But we don’t really have a place to easily share what we’ve learned. Well, we’re hoping this new blog is the answer. We’re going to try to make the blog informative, interesting, visually stunning, and our ultimate goal- to inspire and motivate people to get out there. Be it on water, in the air, or somewhere in between- it’s a great big wonderful world out there. So here we go, the top 10 places to kite that we’ve found on our world tour. Thus far 40,000 + miles, 40 countries, 131 locations, over 90 of them virgin. Continue reading

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A Matter of Perspective

Marshall Islands wave kitingThings don’t always go according to plan, even when you’re kiting and surfing the best conditions we’ve found on the expedition Continue reading

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Legends at the Abyss

Marshall Islands wave kitingPete Cabrinha, Kristin Boese, Mauricio Abreu and Moehau Goold jump aboard the Best Odyssey for an expedition voyage into the unknown Continue reading

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At the Edge of the Earth

Marshall Islands wave kitingWe score the best waves and most consistent winds of the expedition in the Marshall Islands Continue reading

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Discovery heads North

Marshall Islands KitesurfingThis past fall, Joaquin asked if I would be interested in joining him on the Best Odyssey. Continue reading

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