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Bare Essentials Magazine runs cover and 17 page spread of Jody’s work!

Bare Essentials MagazineJody gets another cover and a 17 page spread of her work around the world! Continue reading

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10,000 for $10,000 Giveaway!!!

win tons of great gear!Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter and be entered automatically to win a free kite plus a lot more from all of our sponsors! GoPro cameras, Hyperflex rashguards, Deckers shoes, Best Kiteboarding gear, H2O Audio cases, Beyond Coastal Sun care, Kaenon sunglasses, Zeal Optics shades, and a LOT MORE! Continue reading

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Slow living in an Ancient World

Scotland SurfingA curse and blessing of our times is the speed at which we can move about the planet. I often think it must be terribly hard for our guests to negotiate the distances and logistics required to get to the boat, then get their mind in a place where they can actually really BE on the boat rather than thinking about work, children, pets, bills and all the distractions and nuances of daily life. Then suddenly just as they are getting into the groove, just as those layers of “home” are wearing off and the need to fire up the blackberry or Iphone are beginning to fade they find themselves at the airport and it all comes rushing back in, like a spinning tempest. Continue reading

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Coming together in Madagascar

Best Kiteboarding in MadagascarI’m not used to this. Sitting down at the computer writing about a trip where everything went right..or at least mostly right. Ok, a few people got sick but in Madagascar that’s pretty much par for the course. But no one got hurt. The wind and waves paid us a number of visits. Knock on wood, but maybe our luck has finally returned? Continue reading

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Maldives paragliding and surf Insanity

Jamie MitchellKnowing the trade winds would be long gone by April we planned this 10 day adventure around surf. The southern atolls in the Maldives are exposed to reliable swell from the south Indian Ocean, which culminate in some of the worlds best reef breaks. Our plan was to leave Male and cover the distance to arrive well before the clients’ flight into Huvadhoo atoll, one of the largest atolls in the world and only 20 miles north of the equator. But on the day of our planned departure I learned 8 time world SUP champion Jamie Mitchell’s signature Surftech board had not arrived. As SUP boards aren’t the easiest things to travel with we’d made plans weeks in advance to have it shipped to Male so we could carry it south with us on Discovery. Instead of departing I spent a full night with our agent Abdullah at the airport trying to clear the board from customs. This would not be the last problem on the trip.
Continue reading

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The Big Score

Paragliding FranceFinding unsurfed and unkited waves takes a lot of homework and plenty of planning, but we’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years and on this trip it pays off in the heart of Indonesia in spades. Join the Best Odyssey with John Amundson on board as we hit a mother of a good swell. Continue reading

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Manta Rays, Big Waves and Unwelcome Encounters

Pohnpei Best KitesurfingColliding with a reef, surfing big waves, kiteboarding in Micronesia and swimming with Manta Rays packs a hell of a punch on this wild epic Continue reading

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