Jody MacDonald capturing paragliding in the Azores for Outside Magazine


To get this shot Jody and I and a local pilot from Sao Miguel in the Azores, Joau Manuel DeBrum tried for one month every day to fly out here, where this 400 foot cliff plunged into the cold Atlantic Ocean.  The wind and conditions had to be perfect or it would be suicide.  But if the conditions were right, it was obvious the photo potential would be off the hook.  In our last 48 hours in the Azores last May, 2010 the weather finally cooperated.  Grab a copy of this months Outside Magazine (Feb, 2012) and flip to page 6. Pretty insane shot.  Check out the paragliding club on Sao Miguel- a small passionate group of pilots who were so generous with their time and helped us immeasurably.  And many thanks to Joao who flew Jody tandem on this day.  It was a hell of a risky flight that could have easily gone wrong.


We also captured this scene on video in our new short movie “Magic Lands”. Check it out:


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