Stories of raw adventure as we travel the world in search of wind and waves.

Hiatus and New Plans

Venezuela entranceThe crew of The Best Odyssey has been on a short hiatus the last couple of weeks, but we’ve been far from docile. After the last trip ended in Grenada Jody, Nico and I sailed down to Trinidad to pick up a couple new sails, then headed east over the top of Venezuela to Puerto La Cruz to prepare her for our absence. A number of large projects will be completed before our next trip July 21st, including a tow winch for the dinghy for paragliding a few thousand feet over sea level, a large solar panel array to minimize generator run time, a new freezer to keep the beers cold…


Winding down

Frigate Island, GrenadinesIn some ways we’re back where it all started. At least this is where it all started on trip number 1 back in February. I can’t believe 6 months have passed. 6 trips, 6 thousand miles (if you include the passage from Italy to Trinidad), 32 kite spots, 15 countries, plenty of memories and smiles. It hasn’t been without its disappointments and hardships of course, but that’s what an expedition is all about. We said goodbye today to Ethan, Rogier, Jason and Bruce and tomorrow we set sail right away again for Trinidad to pick up a couple sails, some frozen goods, then hightail it for Puerto La Cruz in Northern Venezuela to get a short break and get Discovery ready for the rest of the season.


Wind and kiting

Union Island, GrenadinesThis trip by location is just about a dead repeat of trip number one. A 15 day Epic from St Lucia down to Prickly Bay, Grenada. From there we’ll sail a few hundred miles to Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela to take some much needed time off as well as complete a few major projects on Discovery, including a topside freezer, large solar array for some greener charging, which will double as a surfboard rack, possibly a new tender and outboard…it’s a long list.