The Reef Beneath- by Patagonia

Sometimes it’s the things we don’t see that matter most. Connected by a shared passion for the ocean and a desire to protect it, Belinda Baggs, Kimi Werner and Wayne Lynch embarked on a sailing journey on Discovery along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in 2017. The largest living structure on earth, the reef provides habitats for thousands of species. The reef, however, is under threat. Currently almost half of its coral has been lost or damaged, most of this in some way attributable to human impact, the biggest single factor being climate change. The three sailors explored the reef and experienced personally how something as vast and wonderful as the Great Barrier Reef can at the same time be entirely vulnerable, realizing as they sailed and swam that time is fast running out to save it.

Introducing the Cabrinha Quest

The Cabrinha Quest- a seafaring expedition to seek out the world’s most remote and dynamic kitesurfing and surfing locations. A quest to experience native cultures in their natural state. To consciously explore the Oceans of the world with passion, integrity, and sensitivity to the cultures and ecosystems we inhabit. To build awareness, global concern, and inspire solutions to the environmental crisis. We are the world’s foremost experts in remote ocean-going travel. And now we’re operating with a greatly reduced impact. If you’ve been dreaming of sailing, kitesurfing, and surfing the world and have been waiting for the right opportunity this is IT!

The Island of Everything

When you’re exploring far-off places, it helps to be ready for just about everything. On a recent sailing trip through a remote part of the Pacific, a crew from Patagonia made the most of the ever-changing conditions, scoring all-time kiting, fishing, surfing and diving—along with a few perfect barrels in some of the clearest water in the world. Featuring Kohl Christensen, Hank Gaskell, Jason Slezak, Reo Stevens and more.

The Value of Nowhere

In this 20 minute feature film three of the biggest names in kitesurfing, Pete Cabrinha, Reo Stevens and Keahi De Aboitiz head to beautiful French Polynesia. Joining the crew aboard the Discovery, a Lagoon 570 catamaran, they set out to explore what kind of value one can place on being far from the rigors of social obligation. This epic quest will leave you eager to start planning your next adventure.

Life in the Blue

A year of wild adventures onboard the Cabrinha Quest cruising Micronesia and New Caledonia

Lost in the Blue

Cruising French Polynesia, the Marshall Islands, and Tonga of the South Pacific in 2015 onboard the Cabrinha Quest

The Dune Discovery

The Best Odyssey Expedition makes a paragliding discovery off the coast of Mozambique. Come with us as we soar one of the most beautiful dune sites on the planet, then round the Cape of Good Hope and sail 4500 miles to windswept Cape Verde in search of wind and waves with special guests Ben Wilson and Kristin Boese.

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Magic Lands

Filmed on location in the Cape Verdes, Azores, and the Outer Hebrides in Northern Scotland. Come aboard as The Best Odyssey team take to the air and to the seas and explores some of the most remote places on Earth. A paragliding, kitesurfing and sailing epic. Music by Radical Face and Bonobo.

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The Search Trailer

35 professional riders. 5 years at sea. One mission. The Search. Footage shot by John Bilderback and Dan Connelly. Featuring Mauricio Abreu, Will James, Moehau Goold, Chris Wyman, Raphael Salles, Mika Fernandez, Joao Pedro Simonsen, Amit Anbar. On location in Panama, French Polynesia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia. A DTrain Productions trailer.

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5 Years of the Best Odyssey

Some of the best pictures and most memorable moments from our first 5 year expedition!