The last Cabrinha Quest officially ended April 21st, 2018. The Year 1 and Year 2 itinerary is now LIVE for the current expedition!

Explore, imagine, smile…you’re about to enter never never land!

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Year 2

Year 2 represents vividly why we are in this business. We begin in the French and strongly Creole archipelago of the Seychelles, a haven for wildlife including the Giant tortoise, found only here and the Galapagos (46% of the country is protected, including a huge chunk of the ocean). The outer islands of the Seychelles are mostly uninhabited, and off limits to most travelers...unless you have a vessel like Discovery! Then we sail south to Northern Madagascar where some of the strangest flora and fauna on Earth calls home and importantly for us- some of the Earth's most reliable tradewinds blow steadily and strong. Then back across the Mozambique channel to visit the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique (via Mayotte!), which is the definition of wild and untamed. Then back across to Madagascar to shred one of the best lefts on Earth, visit the Baobabs and lemurs and towns lighted with Kerosene, then we'll finish in the Bazaruto archipelago, one of the prettiest places we've ever visited, and we'll be there right during the Humpback migration, a sight to behold! PLEASE NOTE: COVID-19 is being monitored and this schedule is very much in limbo and will be updated frequently.
Trip (Click for details) Dates (Click for map) Days Cabins
318Seychelles and Northern MadagascarJul 14-23, 202012
319Nosy Be to S Madagascar- the WILD coast!Jul 27 - Aug 5, 2020101
320S Madagascar Waves Winds Baobabs and Lemurs!Aug 13-22, 2020102
321Big waves, Big Winds, Big Adventure in MadagascarAug 28 - Sep 6, 202010
322Waves, Baobabs, Lemurs & Wind in MadagascarSep 10-19, 202010
323S Madagascar to Nosy Be AdventureSep 23 - Oct 2, 2020101
324Northern Madagascar Emerald Sea AdventureOct 5-14, 202010

Year 1

Here we go! Our third expedition into the unknown! For the first year of the Quest we will begin near Sulawesi, Indonesia, plying the wicked waters around Wakatobi. Unspoiled, remote, crystal-clear water, world-class diving, reliable wind, and zero, zero crowds. From Sulawesi we'll head southwest and anchor up for a month and a half in Sumbawa for their prime wind and wave season at one of the greatest lefts on Earth to kite. Then we'll head back north across the equator and spend the winter in the Maldives, one of the prettiest atoll archipelagoes on the planet and one that is seriously threatened with sea level rise. Waves, manta rays, whalesharks...did we mention waves?
Trip (Click for details) Dates (Click for map) Days Cabins
300Sulawesi wind and dive Adventures!Jun 4-13, 201910
301Sulawesi wicked explorations!Jun 18-27, 201910
302Wild exploring in Sulawesi!Jul 2-11, 201910
303Sulawesi- Into the wild!Jul 16-25, 201910
303aSumbawa Wave and Kite AdventuresAug 5-14, 201910
304Sumba, Indonesia wave epicAug 18-27, 201910
305Sumbawa wave kiting epicAug 31 - Sep 9, 201910
306Sumbawa wave adventuresSep 13-22, 201910
306aSumbawa magical wave and wind adventuresSep 28 - Oct 7, 2019101
309Maldives kite and surf extravaganzaJan 25 - Feb 3, 202010
310Maldives southern atolls surf and kite adventuresFeb 8-17, 202010
311Maldives Surf riot in the Southern AtollsFeb 21 - Mar 1, 202010
312Southern Maldives surf and dive adventuresMar 7-16, 202010
308Maldives Surf, Kite and underwater adventuresMar 21-28, 20208
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