The Cabrinha Quest officially ended April 21st, 2018. Our itinerary for year 1 of the Cabrinha Quest II will be announced shortly.

Until then feel free to browse our last expedition to get a sense of what our next itinerary will be.

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Year 6

The Cabrinha Quest was intended as a five year expedition. But why stop perfect? We're adding a few trips in 2018 in Palau, one of our favorite places on Earth, and then a few trips in the Philippines, a massive archipelago known for its steady tradewinds and remarkably a place we've never been in all our years at sea. Swim with millions of stingless jellyfish in "Jellyfish" lake; dive in 200' visibility along some of the richest coral and marine life found anywhere; swim with Whalesharks, manta rays and a wonder of amazing sea creatures; kite on water that is so clear it seems like you're riding on sand! Strong wind, a myriad of islands, a HUGE region to explore!
Trip (Click for details) Dates (Click for map) Days Cabins
196Into the wild in PalauJan 6-16, 201810
197Palau AdventureJan 20-30, 2018101
198Palau Epic and WildFeb 3-13, 201810
199Siargao wave seeking AdventuresFeb 20 - Mar 2, 201810
200Boracay to Cuyo Islands via SecoMar 10-20, 201810
201Cuyo Islands to Pamalican Island, Cuyo ArchipelagoMar 26 - Apr 5, 201810
202Northern Sulu Sea Luxury AdventureApr 11-21, 201810

Year 5

From the land of the Long White Cloud to the most celebrated reef system on Earth, to the remote and idyllic Louisiades Archipelago of Papau New Guinea, 2017 takes us through one magnificent and vastly different cruising ground after another. From the Bay of Islands to the Marlborough Sounds the New Zealand summer is a ripe playground for kiting, fishing, spearfishing, surfing and succulent cuisine. The Great Barrier reef of Australia is vast and wild. From the BIG hunters to the macro, underwater lovers will be bedazzled. And then we jump off into the remote and ply the warm and fascinating waters of Papau New Guinea.
Trip (Click for details) Dates (Click for map) Days Cabins
177Bay of Islands GunkholingDec 31, 2016 - Jan 10, 201710
178Great Barrier Island and the Coromandel PenninsulaJan 17-27, 201710
179Great Barrier and Coromandel Penninsula AdventuresJan 31 - Feb 10, 201710
180Marlborough Sound AdventuresFeb 14-24, 201710
181Marlborough Sound Gunkholing AdventuresFeb 28 - Mar 10, 201710
182Adventures on the South IslandMar 14-24, 201710
183Hervey Bay to Gladstone via Lady Musgrave & FraserMay 15-25, 201710
184Southern Reef Islands AdventuresJun 2-12, 2017101
185Great Keppel Island and SurroundsJun 17-23, 20177
186Islands and Islands and More IslandsJun 28 - Jul 7, 201710
187Mackay to Hamilton Island Surf and Kite AdventuresJul 11-20, 2017103
188Whitsunday islands AdventuresJul 24 - Aug 3, 2017101
189Airlie Beach to Townsville via Whitsunday IslandsAug 7-16, 201710
190Louisiades wild adventures, Papua New GuineaSep 5-14, 2017101
191Louisiades Archipelago Adventures!Sep 19-28, 201710
192Kiting and Cruising the Louisiades, Papua New GuineaOct 3-12, 201710
193Louisaides kite and sailing adventuresOct 17-26, 201710
194Surf's UP in Papua New Guinea!Nov 10-19, 201710

Year 4

This is a year of two totally different worlds. Pick your pleasure. Discovery will return to Micronesia, visiting what we refer to as the Land of the Lost. Kosrae and Pohnpei, home of dense rain forests, miraculous reefs, wicked waves, fiercely proud people, and some of the best Manta Ray interactions we've ever experienced. Remote, totally wild, and let's be honest- it can be wet, but these isles are easily at the top of the finds we came across during the Best Odyssey. For the second half of the season we'll wander around the largest circular reef on Earth, New Caledonia. From the miraculous Isle De Pines to the bustling tidy French city of Noumea to some of the best reef breaks in the Pacific (and some of the most reliable winds), there's a little of everything.
Trip (Click for details) Dates (Click for map) Days Cabins
160Kosrae- Land of the LostJan 1-10, 2016103
161Kosrae to Pohnpei- Ultimate Micronesian AdventureJan 15-24, 2016103
162Pohnpei Wave and Manta AdventuresJan 29 - Feb 8, 201610
163Pohnpei Wave, Manta, Reef AdventuresFeb 13-22, 201610
164Pohnpei RadnessFeb 27 - Mar 7, 201610
165Pohnpei and Ant Atoll AdventuresMar 10-19, 2016102
166Pohnpei to Satawan Atolls (Mortlock Islands)Mar 24 - Apr 3, 201611
167New Caledonia Wind and Wave AdventureJun 1-10, 201610
168New Caledonia AdventureJun 14-23, 201610
169Noumea to Isle de PinesJun 28 - Jul 7, 2016102
170Isle De Pines to the Loyalty Group, New CaledoniaJul 12-21, 201610
171Loyalty Group, New CaledoniaJul 25 - Aug 3, 201610
172Ouvea atoll to Koumec and the Northern ReefsAug 10-19, 2016101
173The Northern Reefs, New CaledoniaAug 23 - Sep 1, 201610
174Northern Reef Adventures, New CaledoniaSep 5-14, 201610
175Northern Reefs, New CaledoniaSep 20-29, 201610
176Western Reefs Surf and kite ExpeditionOct 3-12, 2016103

Year 3

Hoo baby! Here's where things really start to get interesting. On a whim back in 2008/2009 we headed 2,000 miles north from Tonga breaking a long ways off what is commonly referred to as the "milk run". In other words- off into places very very few people go. At one stretch in Micronesia we went almost 3 months without seeing another recreational vessel. And what we found there remains the stuff of dreams. Beyond dreams even, unless you have a really good imagination! So off we go, way up into the remote atolls of the Marshall Islands for 4 months of solid waves and wind, then back down to the Kingdom of Tonga, where we can confidently say we know the area even better than most Tongans themselves; then over to Fiji, where we spent two seasons back in 2003/2004, a huge area with a TON of hidden secrets. We have the area dialed, and beautiful is only the beginning...
Trip (Click for details) Dates (Click for map) Days Cabins
142Majuro to Mili via Arno, Marshall IslandsDec 9-19, 201410
143Majuro to Aur via Arno, Marshall IslandsDec 30, 2014 - Jan 9, 2015101
144Majuro to Maloelap via Aur and ArnoJan 13-23, 201510
145Majuro to Maloelap via ArnoJan 27 - Feb 6, 201510
146Majuro to we'll never tellFeb 10-20, 201510
147Marshall Islands Never Never LandFeb 24 - Mar 6, 201510
148Marshall Islands Wave adventureMar 10-20, 201510
149Vava'ua, Tonga AdventuresMay 11-21, 201510
150Vava'ua and Ha'apai Tonga AdventuresMay 25 - Jun 4, 201510
151Tonga Kitesurfing and ExploringJun 8-18, 201510
152Kadavu, Fiji and Astrolabe ReefJun 26 - Jul 6, 201510
153Kadavu, Fiji and Astrolabe Reef AdventuresJul 10-20, 201510
154Mamanucas, Fiji AdventuresJul 24 - Aug 3, 201510
155Mamanucas, Fiji Kite and Surf AdventuresAug 7-17, 201510
156Mamanucas Islands Adventures, FijiAug 21-31, 201510
157Vanua Levu, Savu Savu, White Wall, Taveuni...Sep 4-14, 201510
158Fiji's northern Isles, Great Sea ReefSep 18-28, 201510
159Lau Group, FijiOct 5-15, 201510

Year 2

During the research for year 2 I kept finding I had goosebumps. During the Best Odyssey's circumnavigation we plied tropical waters for nearly five years. The exception was a summer in the Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland. In short, it was the highlight of the entire expedition, cold water and all. For more than twenty years I've wanted to sail the Chilean archipelago. The only place on Earth that might compare is the myriad of islands in the Pacific Northwest that stretches from Olympia to Glacier Bay, Alaska (hint- year 5!). Just looking at a map of Patagonia and the "land of lefts" inspires vivid dreams of radical adventure. So off we go- 4400 nautical miles in the roaring 40's to explore the misty and mysterious coast of Patagonia. We'll then return to French Polynesia for a second romp through on the Cabrinha Quest, and our 4th voyage through an archipelago that is about as perfect as it gets for waves and wind. Paradise anyone?
Trip (Click for details) Dates (Click for map) Days Cabins
121Way Way Way down to ChiloeDec 7-17, 201310
123Archipelago de las Guatecas, PatagoniaJan 3-13, 201410
124Sur Chico Wave adventuresJan 20-30, 201410
125Valdiva to Concepcion Wave ExtravaganzaFeb 3-13, 2014101
126Concepcion to Constitucion Wave EpicFeb 17-27, 201410
127Pichilemu Wave RadnessMar 1-10, 201410
130Hao Atoll to FakaravaMay 11-21, 201410
131Fakarava to Arutua via Apataki and Toau, TuamotusMay 25 - Jun 4, 201410
132Arutua to Takaroa via ApatakiJun 11-21, 201410
133Takaroa to Ahe via ManihiJun 24 - Jul 4, 201410
134Ahe Atoll to RangiroaJul 8-18, 2014101
135Rangiroa to TikehauJul 22 - Aug 1, 201410
136Tikehau to MooreaAug 4-14, 201410
137Huahine and Tahaa Paragliding and Kitesurfing HeavenAug 22 - Sep 1, 201410
138South Pacific kiting, surf, paraglidingSep 5-15, 201410
139Tahaa, Bora-Bora and possibly MaupitiSep 19-29, 201410
140Leeward Society Islands (Tahaa, Bora, Maupiti)Oct 3-13, 201410

Year 1

The Cabrinha Quest starts off with world class destinations, places that are nearly impossible to access without a yacht like Discovery. Half our season we will spend in the southern Caribbean, exploring the best spots and beyond that we found back in 2007/2008. Barbados, Los Roques, and the amazing San Blas.

Once through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific...the world is literally our oyster. Logistics, difficulties, dangers, and distances go way way up. But say goodbye to the boating neighbors and say hello to a magical paradise. And then another, and another. Uninhabited islands peppered with palm trees rimmed with white sand beaches and barreling waves- well, you get the picture.
Trip (Click for details) Dates (Click for map) Days Cabins
100Los Roques and Tortuga RadnessOct 26 - Nov 5, 201210
101Los Roques and Tortuga RadnessNov 9-19, 201210
102Los Roques, Los Aves and BonaireNov 21 - Dec 1, 201210
103San Blas, Panama #1Dec 10-20, 201210
104San Blas, Panama #2Dec 23, 2012 - Jan 1, 201310
105San Blas, Panama #3Jan 3-13, 201310
106San Blas, Panama #4Jan 16-26, 201310
107San Blas, Panama #5Jan 31 - Feb 10, 201310
108San Blas, Panama #6Feb 14-24, 201310
109Panama Pacific, Coiba ExplorationMar 10-20, 2013101
109Panama Pacific Coiba Exploration #2Mar 22 - Apr 1, 2013101
111Fakarava to Apataki, TuamotusMay 25 - Jun 4, 201310
112Apataki Lagoon to Rangiroa LagoonJun 10-20, 201310
113Rangiroa Atoll to TikehauJun 25 - Jul 5, 201310
114Tikehau atoll and MooreaJul 8-18, 201310
115Raivavae- Prettiest island in the PacificJul 29 - Aug 8, 201310
116Tubuai Austral Islands Humpack whales and wavesAug 11-21, 201310
117Tahaa and Huahine Kiting and Paragliding heavenAug 27 - Sep 6, 201310
118Leeward islands kiting, surf, paraglidingSep 12-22, 201310
119Leewards, Tahaa, Bora-Bora and possibly MaupitiSep 25 - Oct 5, 201310
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