Hi Members. Here’s a list of things you may find handy:

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A short list to help you prepare for your upcoming trip to Discovery:

  • As always, check our What to Bring a couple months before you head out to the boat. NOTE the 4 X passport photos and 2 X passport copies, which is very useful if you lose your passport. It also covers all the other basics and will remind you of important items like VISAS, which many of you will need to arrange well in advance of your trip. PLEASE remember to bring your reusable water bottles! They are great on board and will save you buying plastic bottles during your transit to the boat:)
  • It is YOUR responsibility to visit your doctor before your trip and carry whatever broad-based antibiotics he or she recommends for the areas you are traveling. We carry antibiotics on board, but these should not be relied upon. It is YOUR responsibility to carry adrenaline (i.e. EPI pen) or other measures if you have any known allergies that cannot be treated in remote areas.
  • If you have not done so PLEASE fill out our online Medical Form. This is Mandatory before boarding.
  • We have NEW TRIP INSURANCE written specifically for everyone who travels with us. We HIGHLY recommend everyone who comes on the Cabrinha Quest get Global Rescue and IMG Signature travel Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) trip insurance! The coverage for both is only a few dollars a day and is WELL worth it. IMG Signature covers baggage loss or damage, flight delays, travel delays, medical emergencies, repatriation, and accidents caused by ALL high risk sports that you might be doing while with us, AND Cancel for Any Reason Trip Insurance (which comes in very handy when things like a worldwide pandemic happen)! PLEASE do not rely on your own insurance. Most underwriters have a long list of exclusions and do not cover “extreme” sports, and many will not cover medical costs in remote foreign lands. A summary of these coverages can be found here. PLEASE NOTE- the CFAR insurance MUST BE PURCHASED WITHIN 20 days of paying for the trip, and if you elect NOT to get this insurance, but cannot make your trip (or we have to cancel for reasons beyond our control, ALL payments you have made towards your trip will be forfeited).

Full details of IMG Signature and Global Rescue.

Please take just a couple minutes to fill in the application online – it’s quick and easy.

Please get coverage for ALL the days of your trip- including transit days NOT just the days on board. Will help you sleep if say good ole Zimbabwe Airlines does a runner with your $20K worth of kite kit! IMG Signature is Travel insurance that you only need for your trip, Global Rescue can be purchased for the duration of your trip, but can be activated anytime you are farther than 100 miles from your home so if you travel frequently we recommend getting a yearly subscription.

  • Please remember to bring your provisioning fee in cash.
  • Again, PLEASE purchase Cancel For Any Reason trip cancellation insurance (CFAR) and we highly recommend Global Rescue (we pay $250 of the CFAR insurance).
  • Please remember that if you are planning on scuba diving we utilize the local operators- no need to bring gear as it can be rented.
  • Ocean and Celestial Members have “unlimited”  wireless internet on board. (when cell reception is available)
  • If you or your family need to reach the boat
    • by WhatsApp Captain Bart +1 808 264 3412, Captain Andres +34 643 76 82 44
    • by satellite phone (please use for urgent or emergency communications only), the number is +8816 524 14330.
  1. Be conscious of power and waste- leave the plastic at home, turn off lights
  2. Thoroughly clean your gear before you board- sand is the enemy. 100% of kiting will be done launching and landing off Discovery and not the beach. We have a very safe and reliable system to do this.
  3. We kite or wing when it’s kiteable or wingable. If there’s not enough wind- please enjoy a good book, snorkeling, hiking, freediving, surfing or anything else instead of wearing our crew thin on downwind rescues. Please do not ask us to do other funky light-wind things like kiting on a SUP, or being towed by the dinghy. The answer is NO. Apologies in advance.
  4. We are not a school, and do not pretend to be. YOU AND YOUR GUESTS MUST BE ABLE TO STAY UPWIND. We have a teaching pro on board for most trips, but they are not there to teach you what you should already know.
  5. Our gear on board is provided to us by our sponsors. Feel free to use it- that’s what it’s there for. However, if you break or damage any boat gear you must cover the cost of replacement or repair (and getting it to the boat, if necessary). This includes snapping a board leash, losing a kite leash, dinging a surf board, etc.
  6. ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL BELONGINGS can be left on the boat in your absence because you don’t want to cart stuff back and forth. No, we do not need any of your kite gear, no you cannot leave your custom shaped surf board, no you cannot leave your twin tip, NO- we do not need it for extra! We’ve got too little space, too many members and we’ve got plenty of headaches to deal with as it is. And we’re too nice to say no in person, so I’m saying it here.
  7. No freaky eating habits! Our chefs are insanely good- they can handle vegetarians, they can handle allergies, etc (actually they can handle anything, but we love our chefs and want to keep them around so…). Picky eaters simply cannot not be tolerated. It’s just too hard in a small galley to prepare several different meals and we don’t usually have access to markets like you are used to where you live. We hope you understand. We take food seriously- you can expect to be blown away, but please understand our limits.
  8. Unless you are a Celestial member and have the boat privately, any business must be conducted in your cabin. Blackberries, Iphones, computers, internet, etc. are a major distraction for folks on board who are trying to get away from the “real” world. We have wireless internet throughout the boat (if cell service is available), which will be turned on for brief periods twice per day for your use. If you must conduct business do your co-adventurers a courtesy and do your work in private. We strongly encourage you to leave this stuff at home if you can- it will greatly enhance your trip.
A professional rider/coach can be arranged for most or all of the trips on the Cabrinha Quest (this is included for Celestial members and is available for a fee for other members).

We are pleased to offer CELESTIAL members Travel /Concierge Services through our partner Aspen Travel Inc., which has been providing customized travel solutions out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming since 1983. CELESTIAL members also have a personal concierge, Audrey Sorensen to handle all your travel needs to and from Discovery, a very good friend of ours and someone who is intimately familiar with our operations. Audrey also lives in Jackson Hole.

Your first point of contact for all travel needs should be Audrey. She can be reached by cell at +1 307 690 8513 (please be considerate of time, she is on mountain time -6 GMT) or by email at audsor@msn.com

Aspen Travel Inc. standard business hours are 7:30am – 7:00pm (MST), Monday – Friday; 9:30am – 2:00pm, Saturday.

Phone: 307-733-7893 Toll Free: 800-223-4059

You can also email them through their website: https://www.aspentravel.com/contact/email.asp

For those of you who might need a private plane to get where you are going (or to get you home!), we’ve partnered with Air Charter Service to make it happen.