Apataki Lagoon to Rangiroa Lagoon

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
112 10 Apataki and Rangiroa Jun 10 - Jun 20, 2013
So you take a short flight from Papeete, Tahiti and have a look outside the window after about an hour. Below your wing are pools 30 miles wide of perfectly translucent water, surrounding by a dizzying dark blue. Yes, it's one of the largest swimming pools in the world- but it's filled with incredible life. As your plane descends you spy swaying palm trees and you can practically see the tropical fish darting on the reefs. What's that over there? Oh, that's a peeling, barreling wave, followed by another, and another, and another. This is your home for the next 10 days. Enjoy cause it's going to go fast!

To read the log from this trip back in 2008: Waves, Wind, and Pros. And an article for your viewing pleasure: Pleasure and a Little Pain.

Getting there: Getting there: International flight to Papeete, Tahiti (PPT) on Air Tahiti Nui, then domestic on Air Tahiti to Apataki, and return from Rangiroa.


  • Awesome diving
  • Awesome Pelagic Fishing
  • Black pearl farm visits
  • Expert barreling waves
  • Gorgeous huge lagoons
  • Great wind
  • Remote, wonderful feel
  • Wild adventure


  • Costly domestic flights
  • Good shot of a shark giving you a buzz!
  • Very sharp coral- advanced surfers only


Mean Avg Wind17

Cabin 1 - Manfred Bodner - Guests: Guest
Cabin 2 - Manfred Bodner - Guests: Guest
Cabin 3 - Manfred Bodner - Guests: Guest