Bazaruto archipelago bliss

Dates Sep 24 - Oct 3, 2021 (10 days)
Ports of CallVilanculos, Mozambique
Mean Avg Wind8 kts ESE

The first time we went around the World during the Best Odyssey we sailed into the Bazaruto archipelago in 2010, in our 4th year of the circumnavigation and before we put the anchor down it was one of the best places we ever went. Then over the next month it just kept getting better and we've been dying to get back ever since. We're wrapping up year 2 with a bang.

"For over 500 years, visitors have been marveling at the beauty of Southern Mozambican coastline. For the early Portuguese explorers, its white sands and sheltered bays served as a gateway to the fabled gold fields of the interior. In more recent times people have been lured by promises of heaping plates of giant prawns and grilled lagosta (crayfish); languid days cooled by gentle ocean breezes; sultry nights enlivened by marrabenta rhythms, and the best diving and game fishing in the region."-- Lonely Planet

Take a look at the Captain's log links below from our last visit, watch the "Dune Discovery" film that documents some of our time here and let your imagination roam. Nature abounds- dolphins, dugongs, manta rays, Humpback whales (LOTS of whales!), dozens of species of birds including pink flamingos and fish eagles and a plethora of tropical fish as well as leatherback, loggerhead and green turtles. Can you see yourself kiting over those rivers of turquoise waters and sand fissures?

If possible, take some time before or after this trip to explore inland Mozambique. Take your pick among the many national parks, reserves, paragliding on the dunes...the possibilities are endless. The country has been going through a rough period though lately, much of it pretty dicey so also check the news.

More information on the Bazaruto archipelago here.

Be aware malaria is a problem in much of the country, especially inland. You should consider taking precautionary measures.

Some links to peruse:

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And some of the Captain's Logs from our visit last time (2010):

Marooned in Mozambique

The Search for Perfection in Mozambique


  • Crazy numbers of migrating Humpback whales
  • Largest sand islands on Earth
  • Massive tides = unreal turquoise crystal clear lagoons
  • National marine park = abundant sea life
  • Pink Flamingos
  • Top 3 spots on our circumnavigation during Best Odyssey
  • Totally surreal landscape
  • Whalesharks and Mantas- LOTS!


  • Strong tides can make conditions tricky
  • Wind will be dropping this time of year but still good


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