Hervey Bay to Gladstone via Lady Musgrave & Fraser

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
183 10 Hervey Bay, Gladstone May 15 - May 25, 2017
We start our winter in Australia in a perfect place to get your kite groove on, your skin browned and your mask put to good use. Fraser Island is a mecca for backpackers as well as Humpback whales, but it's a large, pristine sand island (ie easy for us to find our own nirvana) that protects us from the outer ocean and when the wind blows (which it does a LOT) pick a spot, and spot and BAM- you're kiting in paradise. From Fraser Island we'll sail north to the south end of the Great Barrier reef to uninhabited Lady Musgrave island which has a little bit of everything- including nesting turtles and stunning turquoise lagoons. North of Lady Musgrave is one little atoll after another that looks EPIC to kite and explore (Google it and look at the images of Fairfax islands, and Fitzroy!). Once we've had enough of our own little sanctuary we'll head back to the mainland to explore the miles and miles of small channels and islands surrounding Gladstone and hopefully get in a solid surf at famous Agnes Water.

"Named after an English Casanova, it’s no wonder that Hervey Bay’s seductive charms are difficult to resist. Its warm subtropical climate, long sandy beaches, calm blue ocean, and a relaxed, unpretentious local community lure all sorts of travellers to its shores – from backpackers to families and retirees. Throw in the chance to see majestic humpback whales frolicking in the water and the town’s convenient access to the World Heritage–listed Fraser Island, and it’s easy to understand how Hervey Bay has become an unflashy, yet undeniably appealing, tourist hotspot." -- Lonely Planet

If you happen to be a paraglider, bring your kit and arrive a few days before the trip (or stay a few afterwards) and fly the majestic Rainbow Beach and Noosa Heads. Epic!

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Getting there: International Flight to Brisbane and then it's an easy drive up the coast to Hervey Bay or a short flight. If you want to cut down on travel time on the boat out to Fraser Island we can start the trip on Fraser island as there's an airport as well as a flight.


  • Can you say kitesurfing?
  • Endless white sand beaches
  • Great Sandy National Park
  • How about lush reef?
  • Like Waves?
  • Nearby Rainbow Beach for Paragliding!
  • Uninhabited islands


  • Some awfully big sharks on the outside of Fraser!
  • Some longish sails between spots
  • Touristy in spots


Mean Avg WindVery good!

Cabin 1 - Craig Pryor - Guests: Guest
Cabin 3 - Kelsey Poole
Cabin 4 - Lesley McClurg - Guests: Guest