Leeward islands kiting, surf, paragliding

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
118 10 Raiatea Sep 12 - Sep 22, 2013
A repeat of the previous. We're not being lazy- we just know this one is going to be overbooked!

The leeward society islands, which include famous Bora-Bora are pretty crazy famous for good reason. Their close proximity to one another make up an ideal cruising ground, and each has the perfect mix of ingredients that has enchanted visitors since travel to this remote part of the world became possible. Each has high lush mountains surrounded by massive fringing reefs with navigable lagoons. Every June through September a wave of Humpback whales settles in here after their long trek from Antarctic waters to nurse their calves. You'll see them everywhere and might even get luck with a very close swim. Throw in some of the best surf in the Pacific and consistent trade-winds and well, it's no wonder we're returning for the 4th time, since our first visit in 2001. The lagoons are so large they reflect their turquoise blue off the bottom of the nearly constant cover of puffy cumulous clouds that gives the whole area a surreal glow.

All these facts and more make this are a popular cruising ground and several charter operators run trips in this area. So why go with us? Well to give you an example, when you charter a boat from say Raiatea they will hand you a map and say- you can go here, and here, and here- pointing at little harbors with mooring balls and fancy bars. The rest of the vast area is strictly off limits! For example, we spent probably a total of five weeks on Huahine last time around, and the anchorage we went to we had to ourselves the entire time. In the morning we'd hike up a hill about 60 feet and paraglide for hours. Then in the afternoon when the wind came up- we'd kite for hours in water that was 4 feet deep as far as the eye could see! Next day- repeat!

Here's what we found back in 2008: Two Different Worlds, One Amazing Trip". And a few articles for your viewing pleasure: Pacific Paradise and Two Different Worlds.

We'll pick you up on the docks in Raiatea and zip across to Tahaa, get you into some very radical waves, have a drink at sunset with our friend Maui, check out some black pearls and disappear for 10 days. We promise, we'll be dragging you off the boat when it's time to leave!


  • Humpback whales
  • Insanely good kiting wave and flatwater
  • Paragliding
  • Short distances between islands
  • Superb anchorages


  • Localized waves


Mean Avg Wind15

Cabin 1 - Craig Pryor - Guests: Drew Haughton
Cabin 3 - Fred Bowers - Guests: Dmitry Avramenko
Cabin 4 - Jeff Chen - Guests: Amy Markham