Nosy Be and Quirimbas archipelago via Mayotte

Quirimbas National Park. Getty images
Dates Jul 25 - Aug 5, 2020 (12 days)
Ports of CallNosy Be, Madagascar and Pemba, Mozambique
Air76F (Quirimbas)
Mean Avg Wind16kts SE

To read about Madagascar and Nosy Be, please see the previous trip.

This voyage begins in Nosy Be, Madagascar where we will by now have a good handle on all the best spots to hit. After a few days of kiting, exploring and sipping local rum we'll head off nearly directly downwind for what should be a fast and very easy sail to the Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique but we'll make a stop mid way in Mayotte to kite one of the largest lagoons on Earth, stock up on delicious seafood and French flare, take a break from the endless blue...and then get back to the endless blue! Next stop Pemba, Mozambique and the gateway to the Quirimbas archipelago and the Quirimbas National park. This is an area built for exploration by sailboat. Endless beaches, a massive sense of space, lonely anchorages where you have only the wind and the wildlife for company. We don't usually include passages in our line up but if you're up for a proper adventure and want to get a taste for easy offshore sailing, this one would be hard (impossible?) to beat. Please note this trip is 12 days to account for the passage.

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Quirimbas archipelago:

"Hidden like pirate treasure off Mozambique's north coast, the islands of the Quirimbas archipelago conceal a multitude of secrets, from the brilliant coral reefs of Medjumbe to the ancient baobab trees of Quilaluia. But none of the 31 islands can equal mysterious Ibo, the archipelago’s de facto capital. Haunted by a tumultuous history, and now a bubbling blend of Portuguese, Swahili, Indian and African cultures, Ibo feels as though it fell into a stupor in the 1850s and has yet to awaken. Elsewhere the Quirimbas are as much about natural beauty as history. Their soft white beaches, dotted with low-key, high-end resorts, are rightly legendary, while the bird and marine life, which can be seen on tranquil diving or walking excursions, is immense. Today many of the southern islands, including Ibo and Matemo, are part of Quirimbas National Park, which also includes large inland areas on the fringing coastline."--Lonely Planet

Mayotte is a French island that sits near the islands of Comoros between Madagascar and mainland Africa. It has one of the largest lagoons in the world, home to unique and abundant wildlife and should be a kiting paradise. Strong, reliable tradewinds blow May through September and we'll be arriving smack in the middle of the windiest part of the season.

Getting to Nosy Be: Air Madagascar links the Capital of Antananarivo with Nosy Be (Fascene airport) daily. Please note if you fly to Madagascar on Air Madagascar domestic flights are discounted 50%- save your air ticket for domestic purchases! You can also come overland, but it is a mission- the roads are pretty terrible and overland travel is slow but a hell of an adventure! If you come overland you will take a ferry from the mainland to Nosy Be, where we will pick you up.

Getting home from Pemba, Mozambique: Daily flights on LAM to/from Maputo, Mozambique and three times weekly to/from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Please note: Madagascar carries a Malaria and Dengue Fever risk and you'll need some immunizations like Typhoid and Yellowfever before you enter. Please check with the CDC well before your trip.

More information on Northern Madagascar:

More information on the Quirimbas Archipelago:


  • AFRICA! National parks...
  • Amazing diving, sea life
  • Bonus days!
  • Cool mid passage stop in Mayotte!
  • Definition of wild
  • Easy downwind passage
  • Great land excursions
  • LOTS of unknown
  • Remote Quirimbas
  • Three very unique locations


  • Expensive flights, Quirimbas park fees ($100 per person)
  • Malaria risk on land
  • Two difficult places to get to (and leave)


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