Panama Pacific Coiba Exploration #2

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
109 10 Panama City, Coiba Mar 22 - Apr 1, 2013
The Pacific coast of Panama holds some truly beautiful gems, hidden bays, wild exotic nature, some world class kiting and surfing, and an abundance of wildlife both above and below the water. While researching the spots along this amazing coastline it quickly became apparent that the best approach would be one of exploration. Using a combination of local knowledge, our years of experience and the latest in weather forecasting you can be certain of some truly epic sessions. From the Paradise Islands of the Las Perlas Archipelago to the Coiba National Marine Park (frequently referred to as the Galapagos of Central America) and the myriad of amazing spots along the way, these trips will be remembered for a long time to come.

The focus of this trip is to explore Coiba island, the largest in Central America and a national park as well as world heritage site. This area has produced the largest pelagic sport fish in the world, famous for decades for its swordfish, marlin, yellow fin, bonito, sailfish and many others including whalesharks, tiger sharks, humpbacks, hammerheads, and manta rays. "Scientists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute have proclaimed it an unparalleled destination for discovering new species. Fully half the species in these waters are unknown to science" -- Wikipedia. It is surrounded by one of the largest coral reefs of the Pacific coast of the Americas which provides for some of the best (and most remote) reef breaks on the planet.

Check out this video for a glimpse of the beauty:

For more information on Panama: Lonely Planet / Wiki Travel

For more information on: Coiba

For more information on local conditions (wind and waves): Magic Seaweed West Province / Magic Seaweed Southwest Province / Windguru Archive

"Being situated between 2 continents Panama offers a little bit of everything, from pristine beaches to mountains and tropical rain forests. Locals are generally friendly and helpful especially once you move away from the cities." -- Lonely Planet

Getting there: International flights arrive at Tocumen International Airport (PTY), which lies about 20 miles east of Panama City (from all countries) or David Airport (from Costa Rica). We ask that you get to Panama City the day before the start of the trip. Overland transport has been arranged from the city to Coiba island. The trip will end near the city of David, where you can take a short flight back to Panama City or go overland via bus or taxi.

Cabin Open! We have one cabin available to members or non-members on this leg. Cost is $6900 USD for the cabin (two person occupancy). It should be noted that this trip will be focused on surf, free diving, and spearfishing as we expect the winds to be light. Contact us immediately if you are interested in joining.

Visas: Visas requirements vary depending on passport nationality. Please check requirements and apply well in advance.

Medical: Recommended vaccination for yellow fever - only if coming from a country where yellow fever occurs (includes most of South America and Africa but not USA). Precautions for Malaria are also advisable. Dengue fever is also a concern, take care to bring protection against mosquitos.


  • Abundance of marine life
  • Exploration
  • national park
  • Uncrowded
  • Wild and exotic
  • World class point breaks
  • World heritage site


  • dengue fever risk
  • unreliable wind


Air24C/75F - 29C/84F
Water26C / 79F
Mean Avg Wind7 - 15 knots 85%

Cabin 1 - Available
Cabin 3 - Joy Covey - Guests: Tyler
Cabin 4 - Joy Covey - Guests: Tyler