Quirimbas Archipelago Turquoise Adventure

Modern and ancient meet. Photo Jody MacDonald
Dates Aug 10 - Aug 19, 2020 (10 days)
Ports of CallPemba, Mozambique
Mean Avg Wind16kts SE

This voyage begins in Pemba, one of the largest natural bays in the world and a charming town with a very long history (and GREAT seafood!). Then we'll head into the Quirimbas National Park and wander where we please. No set itinerary, nothing to do except lose track of what day it is and kite, eat, sleep and repeat. This is an area built for exploration by sailboat. Endless beaches, a massive sense of space, lonely anchorages where you have only the wind and the wildlife for company.

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Quirimbas archipelago:

"Hidden like pirate treasure off Mozambique's north coast, the islands of the Quirimbas archipelago conceal a multitude of secrets, from the brilliant coral reefs of Medjumbe to the ancient baobab trees of Quilaluia. But none of the 31 islands can equal mysterious Ibo, the archipelago’s de facto capital. Haunted by a tumultuous history, and now a bubbling blend of Portuguese, Swahili, Indian and African cultures, Ibo feels as though it fell into a stupor in the 1850s and has yet to awaken. Elsewhere the Quirimbas are as much about natural beauty as history. Their soft white beaches, dotted with low-key, high-end resorts, are rightly legendary, while the bird and marine life, which can be seen on tranquil diving or walking excursions, is immense. Today many of the southern islands, including Ibo and Matemo, are part of Quirimbas National Park, which also includes large inland areas on the fringing coastline."--Lonely Planet

Getting to Pemba: Daily flights on LAM to/from Maputo, Mozambique and three times weekly to/from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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  • Astounding natural beauty
  • Charming and historical Pemba, great cuisine
  • Endless string of white sand beaches
  • Fantastic national parks to visit before or after
  • Great diving
  • Perpetual sunshine and blue skies
  • Quirimbas National Park
  • Reliable tradewinds
  • Vast achipelago to explore


  • Difficult to reach
  • Mozambique in serious political flux / unstable


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Cabin 3 - Available
Cabin 4 - Available