Rangiroa to Tikehau

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
135 10 Rangiroa and Tikehau Jul 22 - Aug 1, 2014
Rangiroa is really the only island in the Tuamotus that gets any real tourists, being the second largest circular reef in the world- there's plenty of reason for this. But what very few tourists are there you won't even notice from the decks of Discovery- they are all tucked away in their luxury bungalows on the one thin strip of land that actually rises a few feet above sea level. Poor sods. Two of the most famous diving passes are within minutes of the airport, where very special encounters with Pacific Manta Rays (the BIG ones!) and hammerhead sharks are common. It was here in 2008 that we were on our way to another distant atoll that we came across one of the best finds of the expedition. Sorry, can't mention it here- if you want to find out, better sign on for the trip!

To read the log from this trip back in 2008: Waves, Wind, and Pros. And an article for your viewing pleasure: Pleasure and a Little Pain.

Nearby Tikehau is surrounded by massive pelagic fish. We had 4 lines out on our way into the pass and landed 3 gorgeous yellowfin. Later on the trip I grabbed my spearfishing gear and couldn't decide what to shoot at- there were too many options! Well that and...an awful lot of sharks buzzing around so I thought hauling in a bloody fish might not be good for self preservation. Tikehau has two world class breaks- both for very advanced/expert surfers. The coral in Polynesia is wicked sharp. You've been warned. This is a superb, ideal, amazing itinerary- highly recommended!

Getting there: International flight to Papeete, Tahiti (PPT), then domestic on Air Tahiti Nui to Rangiroa, and return from Tikehau. We suggest a few days at the recently built Ninamu Motu Resort at the end of your trip if the surf is pumping (very very nice)!


  • Awesome place to stay after the trip to unwind
  • LOTS of sharks
  • World class fishing
  • World class waves


  • choppy water in lagoons (ie ride the waves!)
  • Razor sharp coral


Air25C / 78F
Water26C / 79F
Mean Avg Wind18 kts

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