San Blas, Panama #4

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
106 10 El Porvenir, Panama Jan 16 - Jan 26, 2013
The San Blas Islands are 365 of some of most untouched islands in the world. With little to no western development, almost no tourism and one of the warmest native cultures in the world, it's no wonder this group of islands is on every circumnavigators top three list. Out of the hundreds (365) of paradise islands only about 1/10th are populated - leaving an abundance of anchorages and windswept beaches to explore.

The kiting and cruising in San Blas is so good that made it onto our list of top ten places on the planet to kitesurf. Check out the San Blas Captains Log from The Best Odyssey to see what Gavin had to say. Or, check out this article on our previous adventures there, Journey Through Time.

The local people, the Kuna, with a fascinating culture are a wonderful example of an how an indigenous peoples can flourish with their age old customs while surrounded by the modern world. They are both friendly and welcoming of tourists. They are among the smallest in physical size on Earth- yet never conquered, and after many attempts were given a large territory of Panama to administer on their own.

For more information on Panama: Lonely Planet / Wiki Travel

For more information on the San Blas Archipelago:Wiki Travel / San Blas Sailing

Getting there: International flights arrive at Tocumen International Airport (PTY), which lies about 20 miles east of Panama City (from all countries) or David Airport (from Costa Rica). From Panama City there are currently daily flights to El Porvenir via Air Panama. This 10 minute flight is astoundingly beautiful and deposits you on a grass runway, where Discovery will be anchored just meters away. One of the coolest boardings of the expedition!

Visas: Visas requirements vary depending on passport nationality. Please check requirements and apply well in advance.

Medical: Recommended vaccination for yellow fever - only if coming from a country where yellow fever occurs (includes most of South America and Africa but not USA). Precautions for Malaria are also advisable. Dengue fever is also a concern, take care to bring protection against mosquitos. We keep plenty of repellant on board, but usually on the boat there is little risk due to wind keeping the mozzies away.


  • Consistent wind
  • Ideal kiting environment
  • Remote exploration, easy access
  • Very cool culture
  • Yummy sea critters


  • sun burn
  • too much wind??


Air23C/73F - 32C/90F
Water26C/ 79F
Mean Avg Wind11-15 Knots 55%

Cabin 1 - Oded Ben Ezer - Guests: Oded Gal
Cabin 3 - Mitch Muroff - Guests: Guest
Cabin 4 - Kirk Strassman - Guests: Danielle Gordon