Seychelles dreams

Sea Change. Photo credit The Nature Conservancy
Dates May 10 - May 19, 2021 (10 days)
Ports of CallVictoria, Mahe
Mean Avg Wind9 kts, SE

"Mother Nature was unbelievably generous with the Seychelles, a fabled paradise whose islands lie scattered across the Indian Ocean. Spellbinding beaches are the main attraction, and what beaches! Exquisite ribbons of sand lapped by turquoise waters and backed by lush hills, palm trees and Dali-esque boulders. Beyond the beach, diving and snorkelling are brilliant in the warm waters amid abundant marine life, while few places on the planet do ocean-side luxury quite like the Seychelles. Mahé is the largest island and entry point to the Seychelles, with some fabulous resorts, restaurants and beaches, not to mention the small capital city of Victoria. But it's also the busiest island, with glorious Praslin and La Digue a short boat ride away. Even further out, there are real lost-world islands to be found."--Lonely Planet

As magical as the Lonely Planet make this archipelago sound as usual we are granted access to yet another amazing part of the world in a way that only sailing on Discovery allows. Jump on board in Victoria after possibly staying a night or two in one of the magnificent bungalows or lodges (we recommend one of the smaller, locally owned establishments rather than the huge commercial ones, so your money stays where it should), we'll treat you to a little creole cuisine then whisky you off to nearby Grand Anse, Silhouette, or Curieuse to visit some of the rarest and most unusual and magnificent flora and fauna on Earth. Bring your polarized sunglasses, you'll be squinting in awe in no time!

For example, maybe we'll try a little walk through the Vallée de Mai on Praslin island:

"A walk through the valley is a surreal experience akin to natural time travel. Here everything is supersized and the silence is sepulchral, broken only by bird calls from rare endemic species like the black parrot and the crimson-crested blue pigeon. When a breeze blows, one can hear the rasp of giant fronds high in the canopy as the 20 to 30m-high palms sway like metronomes beneath the weight – up to 40kg – of their voluptuous, double-nutted coco de mers. You half expect a dinosaur to appear out of the Rousseau-like canvas."--Lonely Planet

This is one of those trips where the kiting is just a bonus, and kiting will not be in short supply. But if you need a break and a solid adventure, this one is hard to beat.

Getting there: Air France, Emirates, Kenya Air and several others offer international flights to Mahe (SEZ). We'll pick you up right in the beautiful port of Victoria!

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  • Africa's smallest capital city!
  • Fantastic nearby islands
  • Magnificent beaches!
  • Nature and wildlife
  • Truly fantastic exploring
  • turquoise turquoise turquoise!
  • Worldclass flyfishing


  • Lack of good/ reliable surf


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