Siargao wave seeking Adventures

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
199 10 Siargao, Philippines Feb 20 - Mar 2, 2018
The Philippines archipelago is comprised of over 7,000 islands that are steeped in a deep marine cultural history. White sand beaches, turquoise warm water, limestone crags and abundant sea life (although heavily fished in some areas) make it a popular vacation destination in Asia. But on the Quest as you know we like to get off the beaten path, you won't find any information on this area in the Lonely Planet guides! How did we pick this small area in the northern Sulu sea then to explore? Between December and March the tradewinds in the Philippines blow harder here than anywhere else, and the Philippines in general get terrific, reliable winds. It's also a safe zone free of some of the troubles that plague the more southern islands in the region.

On this adventure we're going to explore the Siargao region on the Eastern side of the archipelago. A major surf destination in the Philippines during the monsoon, but in February the winds will be strong and finding good set ups for wave kiting is the reason we set out there in the first place. Game on!

More information on the surf in the area: Expert Vagabond.

And more info on the region in general: Siargao general information

For information regarding passports, travel alerts and visas:


  • Beautiful region
  • Strong, funneled winds
  • Wave potential


  • Not the best month for swell


Air33 C
Water24 C
Mean Avg WindSTRONG!

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