Sumbawa wave adventures

John Amundson, Sumba. Image Rob Born
Dates Sep 13 - Sep 22, 2019 (10 days)
Ports of CallLakey
Mean Avg WindDaily Sea breeze

A repeat of #305. Back in 2009 we pulled into Sumbawa, put down the hook off Nungas (a seriously good left hander that beginners to experts can bash all day) and didn't move other than to run from a couple of all-time swells for over a month. Typically we move around quite a bit- island hopping, gunkholing, exploring, and we'll be more than willing to do the same on this trip, but if you're into wave kiting and surfing our guess is you won't want to leave. We have one major advantage over the people who stay onshore- the wind blows here because of heating on land. Sumbawa is a big island, and this is a huge bay so every day like clockwork a land breeze sets up (conveniently directly side-off the waves!) but it starts out at sea. So we can launch and be riding before anyone on land can get off the beach! You'll have world-class waves all to yourself! If you have the time after the trip make sure to visit Bali. The people are among the most gentle and beautiful I've ever met and it is a remarkable place, even though the trash and traffic has gotten sadly way out of control. Beyond the warm wonderful culture it is a haven for sport enthusiasts- awesome paragliding, surfing, kitesurfing, hiking, and I think riding a scooter qualifies as an extreme sport here! Highly recommended. Any place you can have first class sushi for 5 bucks and have a world class 90 minute massage for $18 is certainly worth visiting!

For more information on Sumbawa, visit here.

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Flights will be RT to Bali, then RT to Sumbawa (BIMA airport). There is also a direct option to Sumbawa from Singapore- worth researching if you are not visiting Bali on the inbound or outbound.


  • Cool scene
  • Interesting shore excursions
  • Reliable swell, perfect time of year
  • Reliable wind
  • Two wicked left handers- Lakey and Nungas


  • Could visit nearby Komodo or Flores
  • Marginal Provisioning
  • Not much flatwater
  • Reefs and fishlife have been hammered


Cabin 1 - Stephanos Velissaropoulos - Guests: Guest
Cabin 3 - Jorge Marseillan - Guests: Luciano Cieza
Cabin 4 - Trevor Pavitt - Guests: Guest