Vava'ua and Ha'apai Tonga Adventures

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
150 10 Neiafu, Tonga May 25 - Jun 4, 2015
This is a repeat of #149.

The Kingdom of Tonga. This will be our 6th visit to Tonga, and there's a reason. As I was researching wind and temperatures and trying to fill in the "pluses and minuses" section I turned to Jody and asked her if there were any minuses? She replied "what do you mean, what's not to love, the place is spectacular!" So there you have it. Other than a couple long flights to get there, Tonga is what the Cabrinha Quest is all about- finding pure paradise. The Kingdom has remained independent since the dawn of time. The people are amongst the largest, and definitely the nicest on Earth. The Vava'ua group is distinct from the other groups in the chain in that they are all steep-to limestone and jungle-clad. Massive caves filled with fruit bats, underwater caverns that are a free-diving paradise, exquisite coral gardens and the chance at coming across a brand new island (this is the most active volcanic area in the Ring of Fire, with islands appearing and disappearing on a regular basis)- just a few of the possibilities that await.

Have a gander at some of the photos from our last trip through to get an idea of the beauty: Down the Rabbit Hole.

This is a flat-water kiting paradise. Literally every anchorage- and there are hundreds of perfect anchorages to choose from is another perfect place to kite. Unfortunately there are limited wave spots, but after a dive into Mermaids Cave, a sangria and paella with crazy Spaniard gypsies, and surreal sunsets watching fruit bats in the night sky, we doubt you'll care. If the Vava'ua area gets tiresome (impossible) Seon will whisk you down to the nearby Ha'apai group, which are all characterized by much flatter, older islands and fringing reefs and a completely different ecosystem. More beauty and AMAZING kiting abounds.

Getting there: All inbound flights go through Tongatapu either via Fiji (Fiji Airways) or New Zealand (Air New Zealand). From Tongatapu you take a domestic flight with Real Tonga Airlines.


  • Caves, bats, Tongan Beer!
  • Fantastic Kiting
  • Gorgeous beaches
  • Insane underwater discoveries
  • Insanely pretty
  • Perfect anchorages
  • Possible waves


  • Long distance to get there


Air27 C
Water28 C
Mean Avg Wind15 E

Cabin 1 - Marc Peterson - Guests: Guest
Cabin 3 - Patrick Marchesi - Guests: Dunja Marx
Cabin 4 - Kirk Strassman - Guests: Danielle Gordon