Waves, Baobabs, Lemurs & Wind in Madagascar

Dates Sep 22 - Oct 1, 2021 (10 days)
Ports of CallToliara, Madagascar
Air72.5 F
Water77 F
Mean Avg Wind16 kts ESE

Madagascar is the 4th largest island and the 10th poorest nation on earth. The opening line of the Lonely Planet Guide is "hot, weird and wild, Southern Madagascar is a cinematographer's wet dream." It is a country filled with some of the strangest flora and fauna found on earth. From Baobab and Spiny Cactus trees to 70 different species of lemurs, Madagascar promises rich adventure. The food is great, the national parks a must, and the cruising possibilities are endless. There are literally thousands of miles of coastline, most of it remains completely wild. Wind begins to nuke in early May and cranks through September. If you're into wind and waves, and have some time before or after the trip to explore one of the strangest and beautiful places on the planet, don't let Madagascar slip by.

We return to Madagascar this season to revisit a place we sailed extensively back in 2010. Why? Because it was THAT GOOD. Just hitting "Flameballs" and walking Baobab alley is worth a trip half way around the world, trust us, but that is only one of many dozens of great waves on a seriously desolate and wild coast. It's a very windy area, but if we get a break the diving is superb and the beaches remarkable. To get to the boat you'll travel through Toliara, the second largest city in Madagascar. Transport is still mostly done with human powered carts and most of the city is still lit with kerosene. You'll be transported back in time from the moment you step off the airplane. If you are in for a BIG, wild adventure and want to go to bed tired with dreams of slashing waves, this is the trip for you.

Please note: Madagascar carries a Malaria and Dengue Fever risk and you'll need some immunizations like Typhoid and Yellowfever before you enter. Please check with the CDC well before your trip. Also, it's a bit cooler down here than what we've been used to- bring some warm cloths and a thin wetsuit.

Getting to Toliara: Fly Air Madagascar or one of the other major airlines to the Capital, Antananarivo, then Air Madagascar to Toliara. Please note if you fly to Madagascar on Air Madagascar domestic flights are discounted 50%- save your air ticket for domestic purchases! You can also come overland from the Capital and the drive goes through some really, really amazing scenes, but overland travel is slow (and expensive), give yourself plenty of time!

Want to get a sense for the place? Check out these Captain's logs and films of our last time through:

When the Wind Blows

Coming together in Madagascar

Mozambique to Madagascar Be First Video from Cloudbase Mayhem on Vimeo.


  • Chance of crowds = 0
  • Epic "Flameballs" Left
  • Great outer reef snorkeling/ diving
  • It's Madagascar!!!
  • Travel back in time. Way back
  • Unreal land excursions
  • Very reliable wind, perfect side shore conditions


  • Difficult to get there
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Malaria and Dengue is a risk on land (very little/no risk on the boat)


Cabin 1 - Jochen Muller - Guests: Martin Wirsing
Cabin 3 - Available
Cabin 4 - Available