Way Way Way down to Chiloe

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
121 10 Puerto Montt and Castro Dec 7 - Dec 17, 2013
"When the early-morning fog shrouds misty-eyed and misunderstood Chiloé, it’s immediately apparent something different this way comes. Isla Grande de Chiloé is the continent’s second-largest island and is home to a fiercely independent, seafaring people who developed culturally and historically in defiance of Santiago. On the surface you will see changes in architecture and cuisine: tejuelas, the famous Chilote wood shingles; palafitos (houses mounted on stilts along the water’s edge); more than 150 iconic wooden churches (14 of which are Unesco World Heritage sites); and the renowned meat, potato and seafood stew, Curanto. A closer look reveals a rich spiritual culture that is based on a distinctive mythology of witchcraft, ghost ships and forest gnomes. All of the above is weaved among landscapes that are windswept and lush, with undulating hills, wild and remote national parks, and dense forests, giving Chiloé a distinct flavor unique in South America." -- Lonely Planet

"I've been staring at maps of Chile for over two decades. In our 10 years of wandering around the Pacific Chile has always just been too out of reach. To get there we've got to drop into the roaring 40's for 4400 nautical miles. Hardly an easy undertaking! But in our experience, going the extra mile (or in this case several thousand!) is always worth it. So way way way down we go, into the land of shrouded mystery and wispy ever-present clouds. Down to a coastline that gets one consistently powerful swell after another year-round. We'll arrive just before Christmas when summer daytime temperatures are warm, but the water remains brisk. There are waves and wind aplenty down in Chile, but even the few surfers who do brave this coast rarely if ever get to Chiloe. Step on board Discovery for what I'm sure will be one of the more radical trips we've ever operated." -- Gavin McClurg

We'll begin in the seaside village of Puerto Montt, at the doorway to Patagonia. A short sail takes us across to Chiloe where the adventure begins. If weather permits we'll cruise the entire west coast, past the rugged Monumento Natural Islotes de Punihuil where we might swim with Magellanic and Humboldt penguins or spy a Blue Whale; hike the raging wild Parque National Chiloe; possibly do a couple day hut trip through Parque Tantauco...oh and all along the way, ride some of the finest left handers no one has ever found! We'll continue our wild tour around to the east side of Chiloe to the historic town of Castro.

GETTING THERE: LAN and SKY Airways both service Puerto Montt from Santiago and Punta Arenas. From Castro there are regular buses back to Puerto Montt.

Darwin's "Voyage of the Beagle".
Bruce Chatwin's "In Patagonia"
Sara Wheeler's "Travel's in a thin country"
Che Guevara's Iconic "Motorcycle Diaries"


  • A chance to go where very few do
  • Architectural feasts / Churches
  • Chance of Blue Whales and penguins
  • National Parks
  • Patagonia!
  • Seafood
  • Stunning beauty
  • Undiscovered EPIC waves
  • Wild and Remote


  • Cold water
  • Rain
  • Sand flies


Air24C / 75F
Water13C / 55F
Mean Avg Wind71% BF 4 (13-18)

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