In the Garden of Eden in the Outer Hebrides

Scotland ParaglidingI met a number of people on the docks in Falmouth and Dublin who kept saying the same thing when I told them where we were heading. “You’re crazy! Well, it will be beautiful, but you’re crazy!” Stories of horrendous midges (sand flies), storms, freezing water, huge tides that created vicious whirlpools and radical overfalls. I have to admit I was feeling like maybe I’d made a big mistake taking us this far from our usual tropical environs. I’d learned to sail in the Pacific Northwest so I felt reasonably confident the skills required to keep people safe this far north would come back to me, but that was a long time ago…

10 Reasons You Should Quit your Job

10 reasons to quit your jobWe meet a lot of people wandering around the earth. By far the happiest, the ones with the most joy and the most peace in their lives aren’t in the corporate race. They live simple lives in simple places. They are close to their families and have a lot of TIME. This is a discussion on how we’ve gone terribly wrong, and what you can do about it.