Please go through this list twice carefully. Check it no later than a few weeks before departure to make sure you have everything (NOTE: for many legs immunizations and/or visas are required and often require more time to complete, so get on it early). All of the gear you’ll need on our expeditions should fit into two bags: preferably a soft-sided foldable duffel bag and a small day pack. IMPORTANT: If you are bringing kite gear, for the airlines, simply say your gear is “kites” or “fishing gear” and are only material (you might get by with not paying exorbitant luggage fees). No large hard case luggage, or metal framed backpacks please. Wheeled baggage is OK as long as it can collapse and be stored. Go light – you will use a LOT less than you think. Each person will have a private closet for clothes and toiletries. Please dispose of any trash before boarding (i.e. camera packages, plastic, etc.).

The whole crew is fully vaccinated, and we require our members and their guests to be as well. It’s too close-quarters to manage unvaccinated people and we’d like to adventure without worrying about masks.

Current Discovery Inventory (gear on board will be updated regularly)
  • Kites:
    Drifter 6M
    2X Drifter 8M
    Drifter 9M
    2X Drifter 10M
    Drifter 11M
    Drifter 12M
    Drifter 13M
    Switchblade Kite 5M
    Switchblade Kite 7M
    Switchblade Kite 8M
    Switchblade Kite 9M
    Switchblade Kite 11M
    Switchblade Kite 12M
    MOTO 9M
    2X MOTO 10
    2X MOTO 12
    2X MOTO 14M
    Contra S1 9M
    Spark Trainer Kite
  • Bars: for all kites Harnesses: X 8 wide Cabrinha waist harnesses (2 of each size)
  • Twin Tips:
    Tronic 137cm x 41cm Freestyle / Freeride
    CBL 142cm x 43cm Freeride
    Xcaliber 138cm x 42cm Freestyle
    Ace Wood 133 x 38.5
    Ace Wood 135 x 40
    Ace Wood 138 x 40
    Spectrum 144 x 43
    Ace Carbon 138 x 41.5
  • Surf Boards:
    Trigger 5’11” big waves / strong wind
    Phenom 5’5″ small / medium waves / light wind
    X-Breed 5’5 crossover surf
    Cutlass 5’5” small waves / freestyle
    S-Quad 5’7″ medium / big waves
    S-Quad 5’9″ medium / big waves
    Double agent foil board
    AutoPilot 5’2 Prone surf / Kite-Wing foil
  • Foils:  6 Foil Sets Cabrinha Fusion Hybrid Foil 850, 1000, 1200, 1600 foil, Starboard 1000 1300 1500 foils
  • Wings: 3M, 3 x 4M, 2 x 5M,  6M
  • Wings boards: Cabrinha 5’2x 21.8″ (45L), Lift 5’2 (50L) Starboard 4’6 x 24″ (70L), 5’2 x 27 (88L), 5’6 x 29 (118L), 5’8 x 25 (90L), 6’2 x 29 (125L),
  • SUP Boards:Wave SUP Board 8’1 x 28, Wave SUP 8’10 x 31, Wave 8’0 x 29, wave 8’10 x 30, JP AirSUP inflatable Board 10’0 x 33, Touring 12’6 x 30
  • Windsurf boards: Starboard Inflatable windsup 12’6 x 30
  • Pumps: Plenty, do not bring your own
  • Snorkeling Gear: Decent range of fins, masks and snorkels (bring your own if you are in doubt)
  • Fishing Gear: Three excellent rods, reels, hand lines, large range of lures
  • Diving Gear: We do not operate scuba diving from the vessel. If you plan to dive, we will try to arrange diving with local operators, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Communications: We have internet on board (where cell service is available).
  • 220 volt power is available in each cabin for shavers, laptops and recharging batteries.

If you wish to purchase any gear from Cabrinha (shipped directly to you) we have an Offshore Odysseys account which allows our MEMBERS to purchase at considerable discount. Let us know if you are interested.

Tropical Clothing
  • 2 pairs of comfortable, quick-drying board shorts. Cotton shorts hold salt and moisture and aren’t recommended.
  • Swimsuit
  • 1 pair nylon pants (if you’re planning on dining out).
  • 1 lightweight short-sleeve synthetic or hemp sport shirt. This style of shirt is considerably cooler than a t-shirt in the tropics.
  • 3 t-shirts
  • Light-colored, lightweight long-sleeve shirt for sun protection.
  • Lightweight modest skirt, sarong or dress for women.
  • Wide brimmed sun hat with tie down.
  • Warm synthetic sweatshirt for cool evenings.
Rain Gear
  • A lightweight, breathable rain jacket (pants are unnecessary in the tropics).
  • Comfortable, sturdy, lightweight, and fast drying sandals for shore use.
  • Booties for foot protection in shallow areas and kiting/surfing. Patagonia makes GREAT booties and we have a special discount for all members.
Miscellaneous Needs
  • Cash– for your provisioning fee ($50 USD per day unless otherwise specified- DOES NOT APPLY TO CELESTIAL MEMBERS) + crew tips (optional), communications (ie internet), shore excursions, slideshow and photos, etc.
  • Passport (MUST be valid for 6 months beyond your trip).
  • 4 X passport photos (VERY IMPORTANT), and 2 X passport copies.
  • Bring a personal water bottle if you have one.
  • Sun block.
  • You DO NOT NEED towels, we have plenty on board.
  • “Shorty” wet suit (contact us for each trip- on most this is unnecessary).
  • Wetsuit booties (very important for reef protection)Sailing sunglasses. Quality, polarized lenses are a must on the ocean.
  • Personal “toys”. Spear fishing gear, surf boards, etc. You can’t bring everything so if in doubt ask us. But if you are interested in spear fishing- you MUST bring your own, don’t expect to use boat gear (ie the Skippers!) as it cannot be replaced.
  • Bug spray (for mosquitos). Something with at least some DEET.
  • Small Repair kit for kites and ding repair kit for boards if you have one.
  • Small Dive light if you’re keen on bug (lobster) hunting at night (rechargeable batteries).
  • Ear plugs, especially if we are covering some ocean miles.
  • Alkaline batteries (if you need to bring batteries, bring rechargeables). Batteries cannot be disposed of properly or recycled where we are.
  • Lap top or iPhone . This is your hard-earned vacation. Certainly you can get away from work for a week or two? Your mind and body will thank you if you do! (Ok, but you can bring it of course!).
Visa Requirements

Please visit to determine what your visa requirements are.


Most of us are queasy, if not seasick for the first 24-48 hours of any sail. Eliminating coffee and increasing water intake greatly reduces the chance of seasickness and dehydration. Dramamine (oral) works well if taken beforehand, the “patch” gives 3-4 days of protection, and Stugeron is the only one that works once you are sick (and people swear by it). If in serious doubt, you should obtain 12 Compazine (generic name: prochlorperazine) 10 mg. suppositories (NOT ORAL) which is hard-core protection. Candied ginger is the ONLY non-pharmaceutical that has been proven to help (wrist bands and all others are a waste of money). Please try this or any prescription seasickness drug out before joining the trip to check for possible side effects.


As with any remote adventure we ask that you consult your doctor and obtain a broad-spectrum oral antibiotic (ie Cipro, Flucloxacillin, Amoxicillan, and Cefalexin) for treating skin, throat, eye or ear infections before joining us. Please visit The Center for Disease Control to determine if you need any immunizations at least 3 MONTHS before the trip to our planned location. Please do not rely on us to have antibiotics on board. We are not physicians and do not like to administer antibiotics in the field.

  • Camera, iPod/iPad, sport gear, USB storage devices for photo swapping, video camera, journal
  • If you are interested in having professional photos taken of yourself, please let us know several months before you board. There may be additional fees for this service.
Scuba Diving

Please note we DO NOT OFFER diving on board. All diving will be done through local operators. If you plan on diving, bring your basic kit- mask, fins, snorkel. Do not bring tanks or weight belts and we highly recommend renting BCD’s, gauges and other gear rather than bringing your own. Bring your certification card for air fills. Dive shops typically only discount 10% for using your own gear – better to use theirs.
We have a Hookah dive system on board. HOWEVER- this is not on board to be used recreationally, and we do not carry Oxygen, which is the only medical treatment available in case of an air/gas embolism.

What You Need to Know

Here are a few things to understand before you come aboard so there are no surprises:

  1. This is not a pampered luxury charter (though it is a luxury yacht). You are a Member and expected to be a part of the team.
  2. The definition of Adventure is “it’s not an Adventure until something goes wrong”, and “if an experience can be predicted, it’s not an Adventure.” Keep these things in mind. This isn’t a chocolate on the pillow kind of trip.
  3. Please drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep in the days prior to boarding. This will ease any tendency towards sea sickness and keep you in smiles the first few days.
  4. Please be prepared for a full safety briefing and trip overview on the day of your arrival by the Captain.
  5. Tipping is appreciated, but not expected. 10% of trip cost is a standard crew tip. Any tips should be given to the Captain to disperse at the end of your trip.
  6. We have a laundry machine on board.
  7. Please understand WE ARE NOT A SCHOOL AND DO NOT TRY TO BE. You or any of your guests must be able at minimum to stay upwind.
  8. If you have not done so, please send us your medical form several weeks before boarding so we can be sure to provision properly.

And a few rules you should familiarize yourself with:

  1. Nothing in the heads but human waste. Nothing that hasn’t been eaten first. No hair, no toilet paper- NOTHING but human waste. Feminine hygiene products should be wrapped up in toilet paper and thrown in the waste bin.
  2. No wet clothing or bodies below decks.
  3. Please clean your gear of all sand and debris BEFORE boarding
  4. Be conservative with water. Just a cardinal rule on a boat and good practice. We have a water maker, but the more water we use the more we have to run the generator to charge the batteries.
  5. Be conscious of turning off lights, unplugging lap tops, etc.
  6. Leave sand on the beach and not in the dinghy or on board. Clean your gear, rinse your feet.
  7. Please keep your living space clean and orderly for the safety of yourselves and others and to protect our beautiful yacht. Another cardinal rule on a boat- if it can fall, IT WILL!
  8. Please do not use any equipment you are not familiar with without asking the Captain or your Crew first.
  9. Prepare to have a LOT of fun.