A sensible, sustainable and transparent business model

In order to provide an extraordinary and enduring expedition, a membership structure has been carefully devised with our members’ best interests in mind. Offshore Odysseys owns a totally debt-free luxury yacht (Discovery) where no liability whatsoever can be transferred to the members. We operate a five year expedition (the Cabrinha Quest) where one membership entitles our members to one annual trip per year minimum and a 6th year will be optional (only taken if the member desires). Offshore Odysseys  is responsible for providing exceptional service and support to members and managing and maintaining Discovery to exacting standards.

Membership Options (PLEASE NOTE- One-time membership fees are now discounted 60% to reflect the first three years are  almost complete!):

Membership Plan:
Annual Nights Included
(minimum each year for 5 years + 6th year optional):
9 9
Cabins (2 person occupancy): 1 3 (private yacht)
Priority Booking: Yes Yes
Personal Concierge Travel Service: ?Your own personal, REAL PERSON travel concierge! Assistance with flights, hotels, time swaps, travel insurance No Yes
Broadband Internet onboard (if Cell phone service is available) ?In remote places only satellite phone and email available , no internet Yes Yes 
Trip transferable to friends/ family: ?For a small transfer fee, refer to contract Yes Yes
Reciprocal Member to Member Discount: ?Any open cabins not booked within 60 days of scheduled departure can be purchased by members at this discount off annual fee 75% 75%
Professional Coaching included  No Yes
One time Membership Fee   $19,500
Annual Dues (USD) $ 6,900 $ 25,000
Daily Per Person Provisioning fee covers:
Meals, drinks, snacks, Limited beer & table wine ?A cash bar at our cost is always provided for extra alcoholic beverages
$ 50 $ 0
Included in All Memberships:
  • Discounted purchasing on gear from our sponsors (Cabrinha, Patagonia, Garmin…)
  • New Cabrinha gear always on board to use (all range of kites, boards, harnesses, foils, etc.)
  • Membership Gift pack
  • First Right of Refusal on any open or unused cabins, for additional annual fee (not available for Ocean Flex and Celestial Flex memberships)