Offshore Odysseys (the parent group) is a worldwide adventure business that launched in 1999. Between 1999 and 2005 we sailed over 45,000 miles across the South Pacific and Asia providing high impact, remote sailing, surfing and kitesurfing charters. In 2004 we hosted Raphael Salles and the F.One kitesurfing team in Fiji, which culminated in a feature length Stance film and provided the inspiration to create The Best Odyssey.

In 2006 we launched The BEST Odyssey, “a World Kiteboarding and Paragliding Expedition,” in partnership with Best Kiteboarding, one of the world’s most recognized kiteboarding brands.

Between 2006-2011 The Best Odyssey:

  • Documented over 130 virgin locations
  • Sailed 54,000+ miles
  • Circumnavigated the Earth
  • Rounded the Cape of Good Hope
  • Visited fifty countries
  • Received coverage in over sixty full-length magazine articles in five languages including features in Forbes, Outside, Islands and National Geographic Adventurer
  • Produced 17 short films

In late 2011-2012 our beloved vessel Discovery received a major 9 month refit in Spain to operate with a much reduced CO2 impact and many major upgrades to help her sail faster, lighter, and in more comfort in anticipation of The Cabrinha Quest.

In September of 2012 we launched The Cabrinha Quest, operated in partnership with Cabrinha Kites, a membership driven expedition designed to take its members and their guests to unique kiteboarding and surf destinations around the world.

Between 2012 and 2018 The Cabrinha Quest:

  • Went even farther afield with expeditions to the fjords of Patagonia, Chile; the Louisiades, Papua New Guinea; Palau and many more
  • Hosted Pete Cabrinha and Keahi De Aboitiz for the incredible feature-length Red Bull film “Chapter One
  • Hosted the Patagonia surf team every year
  • Sailed over 40,000 miles

Commencing May 2018 our sailing vessel Discovery is currently undergoing a nine month refit which includes major interior upgrades, new carbon fibre hard dodger, new engines, new navigation instruments, and much, much more.

In December 2018 we will relaunch the Cabrinha Quest II and circumnavigate the Earth on a planned 6 year expedition to take its members and guests to the most remote kiteboarding and surf destinations in the world.

Between December 2018 and 2023 the Cabrinha Quest II will:

  • Circumnavigate the Earth
  • Visit over 40 countries, including Norway, Japan and the United States (Alaska)
  • Kite, surf, dive, spearfish, SUP, sail where none have before!



Offshore Odysseys is managed and operated by Gavin McClurg. When it comes to finding wind and waves in remote places, Gavin is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable and experienced skippers in the world. He grew up on boats in the Pacific Northwest and commercially fished in the Bering Sea before getting into sailing in the mid 90’s. He has 13 straight years at sea under sail across all three oceans of the world. He’s rounded both Cape’s; racked up over 160,000 blue water miles; sailed solo across the Atlantic and through the Java Sea and Malacca Straits; and is passionate about protecting wild places for future generations. He will be using this first-hand experience and passion to continue to guide The Cabrinha Quest II on its mission.


Award winning photographer and Offshore Odysseys Creative Director Jody MacDonald ( has been recently featured in National Geographic, Islands, Forbes, the BBC, National Geographic Adventure, and GEO. She is usually hanging from a paraglider, harnessed in at the top of a pitching mast, far beneath the ocean, or camped out in the Namibian dessert to capture her next shot. She will manage all aspects of media and imagery with The Cabrinha Quest and maintain our high standards of media content.