The Dream

Looks something like this: As Discovery sails around the world you fly in to meet up with her. Crewed, perfectly maintained, provisioned and ready to go. There you are sailing through crystal blue seas with a group of great friends, exploring remote tropical islands and discovering pristine anchorages. The day begins with a lazy cup of coffee while you focus on the perfect waves you have all to yourself, yet again. The first decision of the day is what board to ride. After an epic early surf session it’s time to think about breakfast, maybe a quick freedive to get the blood pumping. Maybe it’s the adrenaline, or the espresso, or a combination of both; but the conversation is animated and smiles abound. Slowly the glass outside picks up small wrinkles as the morning breeze strokes the surface of the water. Like clockwork our private bay is slowly transformed into a festival of action and color as first one kite and then another is launched into the sky…

The Reality

The yacht you wanted and the one you could afford meant a few compromises. She’s not exactly luxury, a bit rough around the edges, but hey, she’s yours! It’s not really big enough for all your friends and their gear but that’s okay, a small crew is better anyway. With the demands of your job, family and other responsibilities it’s difficult to get the time to go sailing but if you stay close to home you might get out most weekends and then there’s holidays. So sailing off to the South Pacific is unrealistic, but there’s probably lots of undiscovered places right where you live! So it’s not tropical where you live. You can stay warm in just about any weather, and don’t get me started on the benefits of layering! Besides, the sun does irreparable damage to your skin anyway. Your friends really seem to enjoy those early surfs but someone has to stay onboard and get breakfast going.

It really is surprising how much maintenance boats require. More to fit into those weekends and holidays. But you love your little yacht and enjoy working on her.

Making your Dream the Reality

Offshore Odysseys handles ALL of the substantial risks involved in such an endeavor, eliminating the risk and maximizing the rewards for each individual. The owners of the Best Odyssey (2006-2011) and members of the Cabrinha Quest (2012-2018) consistently told us they were thrilled to sail and live on a yacht many times over what can be offered by a charter company; with an experienced, proven professional crew and gourmet chef which operates in a new remote paradise year after year. We’ve got the history, and the model just keeps getting better. We’ve learned a few things after 20 straight years of operating ocean-based expeditions and The Cabrinha Quest is the perfect solution. All of the rewards, none of the risks.

Offshore Odysseys is not a charter company. The Cabrinha Quest is being offered to serious explorers who are willing to participate in a world sailing expedition to places very few people will ever see. We’ll sail to wild places, kitesurf where no one has, spearfish and freedive pristine coral gardens, surf breaks Kelly Slater hasn’t even found. But we won’t cater to stiff upper lips and won’t baby whiners. Take a look at all we have to offer and if what you find is exactly what you’ve been looking for, contact us. Or if you’ve already made your decision, apply to join!