The Cabrinha Quest, The Dream Continues!
By: Gavin McClurg, CEO of Offshore Odysseys and Founder, The Best Odyssey, and The Cabrinha Quest

“This amazing expedition is carrying on in the style that we have become known for across the globe with two crew teams who are as passionate as I am about sharing this amazing world with some of the luckiest and most wonderful people I’ve ever met- our members.

The Cabrinha Quest is the culmination and continuation of the most experienced team in ocean-based expeditions. On The Best Odyssey we kitesurfed 148 virgin locations. Visited more than 50 countries. Sailed 54,000+ miles. On the Cabrinha Quest we doubled those miles again and went even further afield- from the Chilean fjords to the Louisiades of Papua New Guinea to some of the most remote islands and breaks in Micronesia. No one knows more than we do about remote adventure. We’ve refined what works and have completely rebuilt Discovery from the ground-up to operate at nearly carbon neutral. More wild, more remote, more radical…with less impact.”


The Cabrinha Quest is as much a culinary experience as a kiteboarding, surfing, paragliding, and sailing expedition. We take food very seriously and our chefs (we rotate several through on a scheduled basis) are among the best in the biz. Most of our meals are sourced directly from the sea and while we don’t cater to fussy, we promise- you’ll never want to leave.

Relief Crew

“Tom hopped on board Discovery as my (Gavin’s) first mate on the last year of the Best Odyssey in Scotland in 2011. When he immediately showed me up on a kite, and then when I discovered how much Tom loves to sail and how much he loved catamarans, I knew I’d come across a perfect candidate to someday Captain for me if the opportunity ever came around. In 2012 we launched the Cabrinha Quest and the rest is history.

Tom has sailed some big, big miles. He delivered a monohull from New Zealand to the East coast of the US (ie the wrong way) in one long haul. He’s crossed the Atlantic several times. He’s young, passionate and really, really good at what he does. Since taking over as Skipper on the Quest in Polynesia Tom has sailed up and completely across he Marshall Islands, down to Tonga, Fiji and New Caledonia, spent a full year in New Zealand and Australia and in 2017/2018 wrapped up the Cabrinha Quest operating some of the most remote trips we ever have in Papua New Guinea. Tom is a capable and humble skipper who gets things done in style. Our members are in very, very good hands.” —Gavin McClurg

“Emmanuelle Sant is a French film producer and never imagined she’d find herself sailing around the world. But life can be crazy and when she met Skipper Tom the sparks flew and we had to make a decision- hire Emma, or lose Tom. Easy decision! Hire the girlfriend and get them both!” —Gavin McClurg

Emma joined the Cabrinha Quest in November, 2014 in Polynesia and Discovery is now her home and in her care. Discovery is thrilled, and so are our members. Emma is a great addition to an already stellar crew.

Joaquin Hubbard was born in Santa Cruz, CA to parents that were heavily involved in the sail boat building and racing industry. He grew up spending everyday on or in the water, sailing everything from Lasers to legendary boats like the Merlin. Joaquin has an abundance of ocean sailing experience, including Olympic campaigns, One Design racing, ultra lights/maxi racing, and an Americas Cup Campaign with Oracle. Through the years he has worked as a sail rigger, marine diesel mechanic, marine welder, and delivery boat skipper crossing the Pacific, Atlantic, and into Central America.

A Firefighter/EMT (emergency medical technician) for 12 years, Joaquin now works for the Seattle Fire Department. He has numerous certifications in emergency medicine, fire/rescue and people management. He has taken classes specifically oriented to sea going and wilderness emergencies. Joaquin is an avid recreational diver, is a member of a dive rescue team, and naturally- is an awesome kiteboarder! He sailed Discovery from Tonga to the Marshall Islands in November of 2008 and from Falmouth, England to Ibiza, Spain in September, 2011.


Our chefs are all world-class. We’ve hired from the Fat Duck, Nomu…literally the best Michelin starred restaurants in the world. Much of our food comes directly from the sea and we focus on healthy, fresh “Mediterranean style” cuisine. Easy on the eyes, delightful to the tongue, and keeps you powered up for long days of play. Simple, as food should be.