Discovery wireless Broadband Internet

First a Disclaimer: We do not have a margin on broadband. We are billed for use regardless of how much use YOU get from it. Members have “unlimited”, but you still have to dampen your transfers or we will go beyond our 8 gb per month limit which will lead to increased fees. The broadband works- FAST, but if you don’t set up your computer correctly you can burn through time VERY VERY fast. Unfortunately our provider WILL not refund us for complaints like “I only sent one email and it cost $20 bucks!” So, use the system carefully, take the time to set your computer up correctly and please understand it’s a service we are trying to provide but it’s limited in nature.

Instructions to dampen MB use

  1. Install a firewall like Little Snitch for OSX or Comodo for Windows to prevent applications from talking to the internet
  2. Do not use Email applications like Outlook, Entourage or Thunderbird as they waste bandwidth by syncing all folders on the mailserver. Use something like UUPlus or Skyfile.
  3. Or, just use webmail (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc) with a webbrowser that has images, multimedia and advertisements blocked (under preferences). For Firefox and Google Chrome install the AdBlock extension.
  4. Use for all webbrowsing as it uses a compression proxy, adblocking, styling is disabled and overall just makes pages load quicker and consume less bandwidth.

Thank you and good luck!