Antigua & Barbuda blue water adventure

Dates Nov 11 - Nov 20, 2022 (10 days)
Ports of CallAntigua, Barbuda
Mean Avg Wind156

We'll kite 2-3 days in world renowned Antigua in the waters off Green Island before heading north to explore Barbuda, one of the more rarely visited islands in the Caribbean. There’s hardly any tourism or hotels, but plenty of flat-water lagoons, waves, welcoming locals and a whole lot of beaches. This is possibly the sickest, most remote and most killer kiting Adventure of our Caribbean season, stunning, turquoise flat water and endless breaks. There's a lagoon on the leeward side that's several miles long. Beaches on the windward that go FOREVER. You want to up your skills in paradise? This is the trip. We end this trip back on Antigua.


  • Caribbean flair (Antigua)
  • Crystal clear turquoise water
  • Remote (Barbuda)


  • Bigger kites sizes 9-15M


Cabin 1 - Julie Zahniser - Guests: Adam Locke
Cabin 3 - Jason and Fran Hoffman
Cabin 4 - Brad Kinder - Guests: Laurie Blach