Raivavae- Prettiest island in the Pacific

Trip Days Ports of Call Dates
115 10 Raivavae Jul 29 - Aug 8, 2013
Raivavae is known for really only one thing- being the most beautiful island in the Pacific. What about Bora-Bora you ask? Yep, even prettier. Hard to believe, but we were captivated from the second we arrived and I still dream about this place. It is surrounded by a fringing reef, there's not much of a town and the Gendarme is manned by two guys. You get the drift- pretty laid back place. Raivavae is one of 4 islands that make up the very, very rarely visited Austral group in French Polynesia. Can guarantee you that Discovery will be alone in her vast, gorgeous lagoon and there is a kite spot here that will blow your mind.

To read about this trip back in 2008: Way Way Way Out there.

Getting there: International flight to Papeete, Tahiti (PPT) on Air Tahiti Nui, then domestic on Air Tahiti to Raivaivae Return.


  • Did I mention gorgeous?
  • Gorgeous
  • Humpback whales
  • Silly Beautiful
  • Unreal lagoon kiting


  • Coolish water
  • expensive domestic flight from Tahiti
  • Winds can really nuke


Mean Avg Wind18

Cabin 1 - Juraj Priecel - Guests: Guest
Cabin 3 - Keith Cockrum - Guests: Guest
Cabin 4 - Thomas Scheuring - Guests: Adrienna Scheuring