Rangiroa lagoon dream I (cabin or complete boat)

Rangiroa is the second-largest circular reef in the world. Exciting small motus (islands) are hidden within this atoll for us to discover, with absolutely superb lagoon kiting. Last year, we disappeared for ten days to discover all the beauty this atoll offers without seeing another boat. Two of the most famous diving passes are within minutes of the airport, where extraordinary encounters with the local population; dolphins, sharks, rays. Watching the sunset in the Tiputa pass while the dolphins play in the outgoing current is a daily phenomenon not to be missed. The kiting and wing foiling in the South is remote, stunning, and once in a lifetime experience.

Nearby Tikehau is another beauty. More remote and has almost no visitors. It is surrounded by massive pelagic fish—great fishing and snorkeling. Tikehau has two world-class breaks- both for very advanced/expert surfers. The coral in Polynesia is wicked sharp. You've been warned. It also offers plenty of idyllic lagoon kiting and winging. The manta cleaning station offers rare sightings of BIG manta rays. This is a superb, ideal, unique itinerary- highly recommended!

Available to book a single cabin trip or complete boat.

Getting there: International flight to Papeete, Tahiti (PPT) on United,or Air Tahiti Nui, then domestic on Air Tahiti to and return from Rangiroa Atoll.


  • Dolphins in the Tiputa pass
  • Great pelagic fishing
  • Insane pass diving
  • Mind blowing beauty
  • Sharks, manta rays, wild stuff
  • Suberb lagoon kiting


  • Sharp coral


Cabin 1 - Ilysa Parker
Cabin 3 - Brad Schell
Cabin 4 - Available