Rangiroa to Tikehau blue water bliss

Even flying to the Tuamotus from Tahiti is a delight. You look down there and see the deep blue and turquoise colors surrounded by this fine line of coral and small islands. Rangiroa is the second-largest circular reef in the world. Exciting small motus (islands) are hidden within this atoll for us to discover, with absolutely superb lagoon kiting. But what very few tourists are there, you won't even notice from the decks of Discovery- they are all tucked away in their luxury bungalows on the one thin strip of land that actually rises a few feet above sea level. Two of the most famous diving passes are within minutes of the airport, where very special encounters with Pacific Manta Rays (the BIG ones!) and hammerhead sharks are common. Last time we were here, we spent two weeks just cruising this atoll alone, it has so much to offer.

Nearby Tikehau is another beauty. More remote and has almost no visitors. It is surrounded by massive pelagic fish. Great fishing and snorkeling. Tikehau has two world-class breaks- both for very advanced/expert surfers. The coral in Polynesia is wicked sharp. You've been warned. It also offers plenty idyllic lagoon kiting. This is a superb, ideal, amazing itinerary- highly recommended! During the months of August, September, and October we might even encounter some whales who roam these atolls during these months.

To read the log from this trip back in 2008: Waves, Wind, and Pros.

The best time of the year in the Tuamotus for wind and weather is June - October. During this time it is the dry season and we have reliable trades.

Getting there: International flight to Papeete, Tahiti (PPT) on United,or Air Tahiti Nui, then domestic on Air Tahiti to and return from Rangiroa Atoll.


  • Great pelagic fishing
  • Insane pass diving
  • Mind blowing beauty
  • Sharks, manta rays, wild stuff
  • Suberb lagoon kiting
  • World class fishing
  • World class waves


  • Razor sharp coral


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Cabin 3 - guest
Cabin 4 - guest