We’ll never tell

I’m a little speechless this last night of the trip. 10 days of kiting, 10 days of wind, 10 days of some of the finest locations I’ve ever ridden or seen. Add to that the riding caliber Shannon Best and Clinton Bolton bring to the table and I can’t imagine it getting any better. We got so spoiled that on our return to Antigua today none of us could muster more than a paltry attempt at kiting Green island one last time. Our bodies are just too wiped out, the muscles need a rest and the skin needs some shade.

Stacey Fonas, Best Kiteboarding
Stacey saying goodbye

We spent another three days kiting our unnamed location. Any thoughts to set out and discover something new were quickly squashed as there was no chance we’d find anything better. Some guests of a local nearby resort saw the kites flying and came down the beach to take witness to the filming and crazy boosting and tricks Shannon and Clinton were throwing down, and even some land boarding by Alex.

Cool Plants
Alex Brown

They were very special days- for spectators and riders alike. We brought out a trainer kite yesterday, and all in attendance got some personal instruction from Shannon and were quickly having the time of their lives. I think we’ve added a few kiters to the scene.

Cool Plants
Shannon sharing some knowledge
Shannon Best
Shannon’s shells

Nico continues to amaze everyone in the galley. This, our final evening was completely over the top. Fresh caught lobster Caesar salad, greek salad, fresh caught mackerel, and a humdinger tiramisu. Every meal has been a stunning delight. We’re truly dining in one of the finest restaurants in the world, with a view no restaurant can match.

Shannon Best
Major wasabi dose

Everyone leaves tomorrow morning. The film footage has been insane on this trip, so we’ll be anxiously awaiting the video that Dave will be editing shortly.

Cool Plants
Our film dude, Dave

Jody, Nico and I will then have nearly a month off to get our collective act together. We haven’t had a moment since way before Christmas to catch up. Jody has tons of photos to submit to various magazines, I’ve got a laundry list of projects on Discovery, we’ve got a ton of things to accomplish before we get rolling again. But first just a day to sleep and get our feet back under us. It’s been a crazy few months, and it has taken its toll.

Kiting Anyone
Getting the boat launches down

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