Los Roques Kitesurfing
Harm, with Pelicans in Francisqui

We’ve got the Best crew for 15 days in Los Roques, which they’ve split into 3 trips of 5 days each. The first go brings us Gavin Butler, Best’s photographer, Alvaro Onieva, currently 3rd in the world on the PKRA, Rou Chater from Ikitesurf magazine, and the two lucky winners of Best’s retail challenge to win a free trip on The Best Odyssey, Harm Wattel and Martin Kooger from Xwatersports in Holland.

Alvaro Onieva
Alvaro Onieva, aka “Sunshine”

This time hurricane Felix brought us a bit of rain and foul weather for the first day, but we made the best of it on the outer reef doing a bit of skurfing behind the dinghy, then the wind cranked up and everyone got a kite in before sunset. That night blew hard, with lots of lightning and rain, but Felix passed well to the north and we hoped to get some swell as we did from Hurricane Dean last week, but Felix was a bit lackluster. Gavin and Alvaro still managed to get some decent waves in Francisqui and as always the place made for some great pictures.

Lobster, Tortuga
The life of Los Roques

From Francisqui we sailed over to Crasqui, which has a stunning beach and the winds were on. The boys played for hours in butter flat water, showing off their moves for Gavin and Jody, who were taking pictures about as fast as they could. My knee is still buggered, but even I couldn’t resist and went out for a short ride yesterday morning.

Testing the New Nemesis HP

Last night we sailed back over to Gran Roque, 5 days already behind us. Today we get a crew change, Enily and Laura from Real Kiteboarding, who won the “Pimp your Shop” contest, which Best also put on for a free trip on Discovery. We’re also joined by Aaron Sales, the editor for Kiteboarding magazine and good friend of ours. Jody and I paraglide with Aaron whenever we’re stateside and whenever we can tear him off the river.

Testing the New Waroo

Best is testing their new Waroo and the new Nemesis HP, and so far everyone’s smiling. They are awesome kites, and we’re happy to be the test center.

Nice eh?

Rou and the Dutch boys head home today and another adventure begins…

Los Roques
The cliffs of Gran Roque


  1. Say Hi to Andrew and Yancy for me. They are with you now for a life time memory. Lucky to be there, wish I was there too!

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