10 easy ways to have an amazing 2012

Sailing in TongaFor the first time in years as Christmas neared this 2011 I thought of making a few New Year’s resolutions. In the past I’ve always avoided it as I tend to dream pretty big and I didn’t like looking at that list at the end of the year and feel bummed I hadn’t learned three languages or surfed Jaws yet. As 2012 neared I still had nothing on paper. Then a week in January went by…still nothing. And then I not-so-suddenly realized that the problem I’ve always had with resolutions is that they go absolutely against what I think we really should be doing to lead joyful lives. 1) They focus on the past or future (instead of the present) and 2) they tend to be totally self-focused. “I want to…”. Those are three words filled with all kinds of treachery.