What “going green” in yachting really means

Green Boat buildingAs the announcement of The Cabrinha Quest loomed, Pete Cabrinha asked me to write up the expedition’s mission statement.  On the surface, operating a five year kitesurfing expedition should be a pretty easy mission.  But chasing the horizon, bagging some waves and moving on is a hollow quest and after doing pretty much just that for the last thirteen years, seeing what we’ve seen out there- well this time, the mission goes a lot deeper.  And it’s one we’re taking very seriously.

10 easy ways to have an amazing 2012

Sailing in TongaFor the first time in years as Christmas neared this 2011 I thought of making a few New Year’s resolutions. In the past I’ve always avoided it as I tend to dream pretty big and I didn’t like looking at that list at the end of the year and feel bummed I hadn’t learned three languages or surfed Jaws yet. As 2012 neared I still had nothing on paper. Then a week in January went by…still nothing. And then I not-so-suddenly realized that the problem I’ve always had with resolutions is that they go absolutely against what I think we really should be doing to lead joyful lives. 1) They focus on the past or future (instead of the present) and 2) they tend to be totally self-focused. “I want to…”. Those are three words filled with all kinds of treachery.