Cabo Verde, Sal (Santa Maria) Wave Adventure

Dates Feb 21 - Mar 2, 2022 (10 days)
Ports of CallPalmeira, Sal
Air70.2 F
Water70.5 F
Mean Avg Wind13.9 NE

Strong winds, killer waves, one of the most famous breaks for kiting in the world. This poor nation off the west coast of Senegal is comprised of 9 main islands. Known for its soulful music, headed by its most famous musician, Cesaria Evora; and its colorful Portuguese culture the Cape Verdes have more recently become popular for kite and surf adventurers seeking more remoteness than the nearby Canaries. Not quite African and not quite European, Cape Verde today is almost Brazilian in feel.

Short distances, big fun. It is most well-known for surfing and kiting in the island group due to Ponta Preta, a rippable, long right hander (see clips below). If we find Preta too crowded there are several other breaks around the island, one of them for experts only, others for beginners and SUPER fun on a SUP and Discovery will give us the best access, which is very difficult from land, and some flat water spots as well. There is a mix of waves that will keep the expert to the intermediate quite thrilled. But the waves get BIG, and the winds howl- get your practice in beforehand!

Read about our last trips in the Cape Verdes (and watch the videos below from our last trip here and some wave spectacular from F.One):

Return from the Brink in Cabo Verde

Carnivals and Solitude

Final Sessions and a Few Lessons

Winds in Cape Verde blow consistently and strong and swell arrives from the north just as regularly. For those looking to perfect your wave riding (kite, surf AND SUP!) techniques, with some very interesting culture and adventure thrown into the mix, this is the trip.

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The Dune Discovery- Paragliding where no one has before from Cloudbase Mayhem on Vimeo.

F-One Manera - Cabo verde from Kitenation on Vimeo.


  • Culture and color
  • Music and dance
  • Super quality waves, nearly private access
  • Unbelievably reliable wind and waves
  • Very little miles, lots of smiles


  • Sal is touristy, but- not where we anchor!


Cabin 1 - Ted Kiefer - Guests: guest
Cabin 3 - GB - Guests: Guest
Cabin 4 - Phil Deck