This is just a quick one as I’ve been too swamped to write a proper log documenting our landfall. We arrived in form after 16 and a half days in Trinidad. Incredible sail- our good luck carried us through to the end. Jody joined Discovery from the States last Wednesday the 24th, the crew disembarked on the 23rd and she and I have been hard at it since buying spares, tools, provisions, making repairs- the lists are long and they grow with the days, but we’re getting there. Trisha joined us two days ago and is already showing her vast experience in selecting the finest provisions for the next few months. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds of dry goods are being stowed daily. Tomorrow we will take on fuel, propane, finish up the last of what needs to be done and then set sail for Grenada, just 100 miles to the north and the start of TRIP # 1!!!!

Can’t wait!

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