Full Moon in the Mergui

This one we’ve broken with tradition and I’ve passed on the writing responsibilities to my sister, Lesley McClurg who joined us for the start of the 2010 season in the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar.

All photos graciously provided by Patrick Buckley as Jody will not be on board until the next trip.

A Discovery vacation in the Myanmar nation
By Lesley McClurg

Ragged travelers gather round
Friendships will soon be found
Secluded beaches will astound
To the Mergui we are bound

Mergui archipelago

Lesley, Emilie, Clara, our guide Jojo and instant friends

The anchor is pulled and we are lulled

Into a trance
Where we will dance
Upon the sea
Sharing smiles of glee

A quest for fun and jest
At ten and a half latitude
We’ll play with attitude

Mergui archipelago

Discovery off a local Moken village

Yet the treasure
The pure pleasure is rest
I’m puttin relaxin’ to a test

Mergui archipelago

The precious faces of the Mergui

We’ll hope the wind blows
But mostly we’ll dose

Mergui archipelago

A painted lobster becomes an exquisite salad

Read, write, paddle or dive
Feel alive

Sea splendor and wonder
Peace and reflection
Cosmic Connection

Three times a day
Gav will say, “Bobbeee!”

Mergui archipelago

Bobby’s magic

Then culinary creations
Pallet elations
For real?
This is all for one meal?
Hell of a deal!

Mergui archipelago

A painted lobster becomes an exquisite salad

Urban angst unwinds
The sea offers rare finds
Painted lobster and parrot fish
A side dish?
When boredom rises
There’ll be galley surprises

Or pages to turn
Thoughts to burn
Snacks to munch
Cookies to crunch
Coffee to drink
Moments to think

Mergui archipelago

Monkeys roam the beach

This time the air is still
Yet we still fill our luxurious days
Drop into a haze
As we laze on the decks

Flickering with flecks
From the overhead flame shining high in the clear sky
On my…

Mergui archipelago

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the middle of nowhere

A smiling crew
If only they knew
How much we appreciate our lucky fate
Our bit of bliss
Lucky little sis!
Already planning my return

Until then I’ll flip
Through pics from our time on the twin tip
Remembering days
When the sun was ablaze
Nostalgia for the sea breeze
Now just a tease
Reading the logs
Those lucky dogs!

Mergui archipelago

lovely little one

Yet somehow… now
Feeling nourished like royalty
My spirit is a new
And the days flew…
I thank each and everyone of you.

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