In between days

Rodney Bay, St Lucia. 6 days between trips sounds like a decent amount of time to prepare, but this week has been crazy. A number of inevitable boat projects, provisioning, cleaning and cleaning and cleaning… Trisha, our new chef had to return home to be with her father who is struggling with cancer. A bad…

Quick Update

This is just a quick one as I’ve been too swamped to write a proper log documenting our landfall. We arrived in form after 16 and a half days in Trinidad. Incredible sail- our good luck carried us through to the end. Jody joined Discovery from the States last Wednesday the 24th, the crew disembarked…


We’ve had a catastrophe aboard Discovery. Nothing broken, no one lost at sea, but still a disaster. We lost our best lure. Besides that we spaced getting proper swivels, so the remainder of our lures our useless – they just spin around endlessly until the fishing line is so screwed up (literally) that a fish couldn’t get it even if he wanted it. We have had a few flying fish hit the deck at night, so we’ll have to use one as bait if we’re to land any more fish. Gruesome tale, I know.

Mid Atlantic

Not much drama to report. With easing winds we’ve slowed enough to finally nab a couple nice Mahi-Mahi, or Dorado as they are called in the Atlantic. A gorgeous fish, both to look at and to eat. The first was caught and on our plates with an asian salad accompaniment within an hour. My kind of sailing.

Cat reflections

Day 4 out of Lanzarote. 2200 miles to go. We’re experiencing about the most steady trade conditions I’ve sailed in. Last year I made a solo delivery from Santos, Brazil to St Maarten in the Caribbean which was 33 days at sea, and the last 10 days of that trip we’re certainly great sailing conditions,…